Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shift in body chemistry again

By far, the most frustrating aspect of this entire ordeal is the instability.  Numerous times, I have been RED HOT for 6-8 weeks then fall on my face literally overnight.  So far this year, I've been getting the wins consistently with the exception of the nightmarish month of February.  However, it seems as if there is at least one hiccup every single week.  There have been few outstanding workouts and no weeks above a 3.5 GPA.  By contrast, in my longest hot streak, I went 15-3 between 10/11-2/12 with 9 weeks at or above 3.5.  Words cannot describe how much I hate being so dependent on these pills but there is nothing more that I can do about it.

Let's go back to the last medical report:
The mega dose of Thym-Adren (8-9 pills/day) did exactly what it was supposed to do regarding the tissue sodium level (drop from 122 down to 30) but it did not raise the magnesium like I hoped it would (stuck at 2).  Still, the adrenal ratio is no longer classified as "severe."  It has edged barely into the moderate category according to Analytical Research Labs.  My thyroid ratio is now only classified as "mildly" overactive.  If my numbers were coming into balance so nicely, why the hiccups and why not keep doing what I have been doing?  I know the reason for the shift this time.  It is the blood sugar ratio, which is well into the severe category and getting worse.  It has begun to over-ride the adrenal over-activity.

The keys to solving the blood sugar ratio are magnesium supplementation and avoiding forbidden drinks such as soda, energy drinks, tea and alcohol.  After some trial and error, I've found that my Cal/Mag supplementation ratio needs to be near 1:1.  Too much magnesium can lead to diarrhea and dizziness.  I saw stars a few times last week and had a couple emergency trips to the bathroom.  

What is the expected result from taking extra magnesium?
Most importantly, the Cal/Mag ratio should improve and as a result, my sensitivity to sugar should diminish.  Still, it is wise to limit consumption of forbidden drinks.
Secondly, magnesium is supposed to raise sodium but it is the ratio that is most important, not the mineral value.  Ideal tissue sodium is 25 but a Na/Mg ratio of 40/4 (10.0) would be a 33% improvement over my current ratio of 30/2 (15.0) and would put me very close to the "mild" category of over-activity.   With only mild over-activity, the need for Thym-Adren should diminish, which is exactly what is happening.  I'm fine with lowering the dose but if I have to quit it, I can just about guarantee that my adrenals will once again go back into hyper-drive.  Also, I have learned that if I take more magnesium than the 1:1 ratio, I need more Thym-Adren and thus Vitamin C is required.

The surprising side effect:
I saw the Thym-Adren reduction coming and stopped just short of predicting it on the medical report post.  What I did not expect was more trouble with Vitamin C, which has at times been a miracle since I discovered the deficiency back in December and at times has been a nightmare in which I could not tolerate a bottle of OJ.  As I have said previously, copper and Vitamin C are direct antagonists of each other.  When taking 8-9 Thym-Adren pills, which provided the full DV of copper, I needed 500 mg. of C every day or else.  Now, the copper has been cut nearly in half and thus, too much C is once again a problem.  If I can reduce the Thym-Adren further, I am hopeful that I can cut the Vitamin C out completely.  That would leave me on a lowered Thym-Adren, a 1:1 Cal/Mag and Fructosin and that's all.

Possible impact on my running:
How much will my running improve if I am in balance vs. merely symptom free?  I honestly do not know because more than likely, I have NEVER been in balance.  I was showing signs of adrenal fatigue when competing in high school and showed signs of congenital weakness such as slow speech and difficulty getting up in the morning from a very young age.  Even if I end up disappointed by less improvement than expected, if nothing else, I will be able to train harder and more consistently every week.  That alone will yield improvement.  I did manage decent mileage last week.  Although the tempo was pretty good, the speed session was under par and the long run was an abject failure.  During my 15-3 hot streak, I was able to chop 4 minutes off my half time (1:32-1:28) and nearly 14 from my full (3:35-3:21) in spite of being unbalanced.  Now, imagine if I sustained that over a full year and went 43-7 with 25 weeks above 3.5.  Even a fairly modest 5% cut across the board would put me near the following times:
5:00 Mile, 18:15 5K, 38:00 10K, 1:24 half, 3:10 full.
The marathon would improve the most and likely would be more like 3:00.

Possible impact on the rest of my life:
In every area, I am a diminished version of what I could be.  As for the dating issue, I must be stable for 4 months.  By stable, I mean no MAJOR adjustments to my formula.  Minor tweaks are allowed.  I also must have no SEVERE imbalances on my medical report.  I am at least 4 months away.

Thanks for listening.  This is more for my reference as I doubt that most of you will understand much of this post.

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