Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Medical update: Off the Thym-Adren again

EDIT on 5/23/13:
I received the medical report in mid-May and it turned out NOT as expected.  The magnesium rose by only 1 tick while the Na and K went through the roof.  Needless to say, I am back on the Thym-Adren.  I knew the next report would be bad because I was doing so poorly with the training but I expected it to be bad in another way.  I now know that my slow oxidation symptoms came as a result of a Vitamin E deficiency.  I have found no evidence that Mg contributed to it but if I had taken the magnesium only on an as needed basis, my Na/Mg ratio may have been unchanged or slightly better.

This is another one mostly for my reference and do not expect most readers to understand.  There will be more interesting posts to come.

I can imagine some of my critics saying the following:  Okay, this guy got a bad medical report in December then proceeded to run well in January.  He got a good medical report in March  yet endured another losing streak shortly thereafter.  Therefore, a hair test is unreliable.  Nonsense!  A hair test represents an average of the previous 2-3 months and I had a 7 week winning streak in December-January.

First of all, my last medical report was better but to say that it was "good" is way off base.  My adrenal ratio (Na/Mg), though much improved, was still bordering on "severely" overactive.  My blood sugar ratio (Ca/Mg) was well into the "severe" category and was becoming more problematic than the adrenal ratio.  My body tightened up something awful after taking too much calcium relative to magnesium so it was obvious that I needed to do something different.

Several questions needed to be answered mostly through trial and error.  How much additional magnesium was necessary?  I determined that answer to be nearly a 1:1 ratio with calcium.   What was more of a thorn in my side was the fact that magnesium alone could not be properly absorbed.  I needed B-vitamins, specifically B-6 as a catalyst.  Do I take B-6 alone?  Do I take a B-complex?  Do I take it with an amino acid?  Does it matter?  In my case, it mattered tremendously and the answer was clearly B-6 alone.  Moreover, I surmised that once my blood sugar normalized, my fructose intolerance should improve and leave me less dependent on the Fructosin.  Like I said before, if I miss a dose here and there, it's no big deal but if go off it or take a reduced dose for more than a week or 2, I am in trouble.  It appears that my Ca/Mg ratio does not effect the fructose malabsorption, which I learned the hard way in St. Louis.  My pace slipped by more than a minute per mile AFTER I drank the Gatorade in Mile 9.  My only objection to taking the Fructosin is the cost (over $50 per month).  Combined with mega doses of Thym-Adren, no pay raises since 2010 and increased cost of living, my bank account is slowly losing money.  There is no need to panic but I will have to cut my spending elsewhere.

Now, why am I off the Thym-Adren now?  Although my adrenal ratio was 3x faster than ideal, my Na level was normal and rapidly trending down.  Continued use of Thym-Adren could lower my Na below normal and when you combine that with an increased Mg level, you get SLOW oxidation or under-activity.  If that's true, it would make perfect sense that I have been forced off the Thym-Adren.  However, being off anything for my adrenals make me feel very uneasy given my history.  It is probable that the Na will come up again when I am off the Thym-Adren for a week or 2 and I may settle on a low dose.  Another option is a modulator supplement that worked well in the first half of 2011 but eventually stopped working.  Would it work now if I take Fructosin and C?  Another concern is that I have a history of allergic reactions to B-6.  One episode was so bad in terms of heart palpitations that I could actually SEE my heart try to jump out of my chest.  Very scary!  Once I took the Thym-Adren, I could tolerate B-6 just fine.  What do I do about the magnesium if the B-6 allergy re-appears when I am off Thym-Adren?  The answer is transdermal magnesium.
I've got another 3 weeks before I am due to send in another hair sample.  I may be close to balance.  I take great pride in proving people wrong and my full vindication could be just around the corner.


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