Monday, April 8, 2013

Training 4/8-4/13

4/8- 2 mile junk run on Wisteria.  Good call to do a recovery jog instead of a rest day.  As usual, the pain in my groin and hamstrings is NOT an injury and it had NOTHING to do with my workouts earlier in the week.  It's all about the pills.  Time was 16:38 (8:19 pace), which doesn't mean much today but I did feel better as the run progressed.  I've seen enough to know that the B-complex won't work either.  It will have to be the B-6 alone or transdermal magnesium, which could be difficult to regulate.  The darkest hour is just before dawn.
Grade:None/0 credit/distance=2.0

4/9- Easy 5 on Lakeshore in 39:25 (7:53 pace).  Very mediocre performance.  1st half was 19:10, 2nd half was 20:15.  It was an improvement over yesterday but I should be much better than this 2 days after a half.  This would be a "C-" grade today but I'm not going to grade anything this week.  I always allow one such week per year.

Update: I mentioned before that I am low on Fructosin and aimed to conserve it.  I thought I had another box of pills in reserve but it was empty.  I had been taking only 1 pill every other day and that proved to be a bad call and likely hurt me in St. Louis.  I have ordered it again but it could be another few days before it arrives.  I had hoped that my fructose malabsorption disorder would improve as my body became more balanced but that does not appear to be the case.  I have only 4 pills left and it could be rough until it arrives.  That's why I'm not grading this week.  UGH!

Run #2- It has been confirmed that the lack of Fructosin has been hurting me as of late.  I had a mixed drink with dinner, which is the worst thing that you can do.  As expected, I got much worse.  I popped 1 Fructosin pill and guess what?  I started feeling better.  2 miles on Wisteria in 15:04 (7:32 pace) and showed some life at the end.  That's a big improvement over yesterday.

4/10- AWFUL!  Quit just 1.5 miles into the Trak Shak workout with a time of 12:12 (8:08 pace).  Just 2 days on the Fructosin has shifted my formula back to where it was before. I ran this on 6 pills and it wasn't enough. Thym-Adren is back up to 8 pills and I need Vitamin C again. Grade would have been an "F" today.  I have only 2 pills left and can only hope that my supply will be replenished soon or else I have no hope of a good week next week.

4/11- Unplanned rest day due to a threat of severe weather, which turned out to be nothing major.  I can only hope that the Fructosin will arrive tomorrow because I am all out of those pills.  Good news is that I am feeling better and hope to do a small test tomorrow morning.  If the Fructosin does not arrive, I will only be able to do lame 5-6 milers and must drink only water.
Fructosin DID arrive in the mail.  I may be in the clear for now.

4/12- AM.  Failed the test.  1 mile quickie in 6:56 with splits of 3:16/3:40 and hamstring pain.
Update: Taurine and milk thistle taken together are fine but I cannot take either one separately.  I took some milk thistle yesterday before the fructosin arrived and it had yet to clear my system then I got worse after another dose.  I predict that I will feel better AFTER I drink a Red Bull.  Why Red Bull?  It's a cheap source of taurine, not something I recommend regularly.

PM- Beautiful day outside.  Crystal clear skies with 70 degree temps.  Run was terrible again.  Felt overstimulated, which I actually prefer to the lethargic symptoms.  2.5 miles on Wisteria in a time of 22:18 (8:55 pace) with splits of 10:30-11:48.  Again, this would have been an "F"  I have pitched the milk thistle and blew another $21.

4/13- AM.  Another lame 2.5 miler on Wisteria but this one was a sizable improvement over the previous evening.  Time is down to 19:53 (7:57 pace) with pretty even splits (9:52-10:01) on an uphill 2nd half.  I hope to do better in the evening.

PM- Lakeshore 5 in 37:01 (7:24 pace).  MUCH better.  This one required no more effort than this morning.  What did I do in the meantime?  Ate a Hardee's burger for lunch with a forbidden drink.  It's all about the pills and the milk thistle is clearing out.  No cause for celebration because this was a "C" grade.  Tempo effort at easy pace.  Short warm and cool.

Weekly summary:
I'm calling this one early because I likely will not be able to go long next week due to a family commitment.  No more freebies for the rest of the year.  Grading starts again tomorrow. This would have been my 2nd 4 week losing streak of the year and I'm mad as hell!
Distance= 22.0  

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