Sunday, May 5, 2013

Expectations for the next medical report

I have been attacked personally because I openly disagree with the prevailing wisdom that more mileage is always better but nobody has questioned my determination. 

A common question is as follows: How can you pick yourself up time and time again?

 Answer: When I am symptom free after I've been hurting for so long, it's about as close to pure bliss as I've felt in this life.  Just one day in which I am neither anxious and short of breath nor lethargic/depressed and have pure natural energy flowing through my body feels so good that it's hard to put into words.  I've been there before and I am willing to try just about anything to get back there and maybe by some miracle sustain it long-term.  Those of you that are blessed with "general good health," DON'T EVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.  Oh yeah, as a bonus, it allows me to fully access my running talent.  I can breeze through 8 miles @ sub-7:30 pace and it feels as effortless as a stroll in the park.  See my 3M Half report for an example of one of those days.

After I got the bad report in December in which my adrenal ratio (Na/Mg) was 122/2 (ideal is 25/6), I expected to gradually come in line by taking mega doses of Thym-Adren.  I thought that in March, I'd be down around 60/3 then 45/4 by Summer and hope to stabilize near 30/5 long-term.  I will not declare myself in the clear until I get 2 consecutive good reports.

The result:
In a shocking development, I got my Na all the way down to the target within 3 months (122-30) but the Mg remained frozen at 2.  For the record, I needed the mega doses of Thym-Adren.  Cutting back from 8 pills to 6 always produced a significant negative reaction.  My first issue in March had to do with my excess Ca/Mg so I corrected that by adding more magnesium along with synergistic nutrients such as B-6.  Shortly thereafter, the magic Thym-Adren dosage began to fall.  I eventually reached a point in which I could not tolerate it at all.  Then, the "magic" magnesium became like poison to me, which left me on only Paramin, Fructosin and Vitamin C.

Possible explanation:
  A hair test represents an average of the previous 2-3 months.  Therefore, if my Na level fell from an average of 122 to 30 in 3 months, it means that at the time of the test, the current value was almost certainly under 30 and continued doses of Thym-Adren brought it down further.  I would not be surprised if it's all the way down to the 10-15 range this time around.  As for the magnesium, with high doses combined with B-6, I may have over-reached.  Let's say that I raised it from 2-7, which is not unrealistic given that I decreased the Na so quickly, I might be looking at a ratio under 2, which would be moderate SLOW oxidation.  That would certainly explain the blahs.  I tried some Thyroid caps until the modulator arrived and saw a mild improvement as a result, which is a good sign.

What have I done differently that produced such a rapid change after being stuck in moderate-severe fast oxidation for so long?  The only thing that I can think of is Fructosin, which is an enzyme in the intestines responsible for processing fructose.  Perhaps this deficiency hindered my body's ability to process all the other pills, making it impossible to get in balance without it.  My previous biggest drop in Na was from 80-57 in early 2011 and yes, I took mega doses back then too.  So, instead of dropping by 23, I drop by 92 this time.  Something is up with that

I've started on the ADHS modulator and so far, so good thus far.  Could this be the path to balance?  I've been let down so many times that it's hard to keep my hopes up.  As for my relationship with the Lord, I will continue serving Him no matter what and maybe I can be okay with Him in spite of what's going on but I will NEVER EVER EVER be okay with being chemically unstable and all the broken dreams that go along with it.  My devotionals will remain on hiatus until further notice.

From a personal standpoint, even if I never PR again, I can still be proud of what I have accomplished since I started my comeback in 2006.  I stand by my pledge not to let it become #1 or even #2 in my life and will not sustain more than 55 MPW even if I have a marathon in the near-future.  However, there are many people that do not believe in my cause and if I take my running to a new level, my claims will certainly bear more weight.  It will produce more interest in my story and thus more book sales and more people will be exposed to the Gospel.

Mistakes on my part:
I've written extensively about how mainstream medicine has badly mishandled my case as well as others and I stand by every word of it.  However, the process did not have to be this hard and I hope that by sharing my story, I can help others avoid the mistakes that I made:

1. Strive for steady, gradual improvement
If the plan is working, you should not feel a difference from 1 day to the next or even from week to week but over the course of a month or so, improvement will be evident.

2. Strictly limit sugar, caffeine and alcohol
I cheated too often in the first 2 categories, which contributed to instability.  If you reach a point in which you cannot drink fruit drinks with no sugar added, you need Fructosin.

3.Too much copper in SBF and Thym-Adren can cause a Vitamin C deficiency
When that happens, you can't produce key neurotransmitters and the inevitable result is depression.

4.Your daily Cal/Mag intake should not exceed 2/1
Mega doses of Thym-Adren can cause excess Cal over Mag.  Add some Mg. and/or B-6 to balance that key ratio.

5. Do not ignore mainstream tests just because they did not diagnose you.
Use them in combination with hair and neurotransmitter screenings and always consult your doctor or health coach before any big decisions

6.DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOU ARE HEALED just because you no longer need the pills. 
You need a hair test to confirm that and then another after you have been off the pills for several months.  I was heartbroken twice when I was not healed despite not taking pills and still have not recovered from the last one.

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