Sunday, May 19, 2013

Magnesium intolerance

EDIT:  It was the magnesium citrate that I could not tolerate for reasons that remain unknown to me at this time.  I currently take magnesium malate and can tolerate it well as long as I avoid too much Vitamin C.  I also use magnesium chloride gel occasionally and credit it for freeing me from the Fructosin.  Different forms of magnesium work better for some than others.  A key word of caution is that magnesium can slow adrenal activity so if you are a slow oxidizer with a magnesium deficiency, adrenal support is highly recommended.

Sorry for another medical post that most will not understand.  I need to get this down for my reference.  More running updates will come and hopefully the news will be better.

I still believe strongly in the hair test protocol because it's the option that has worked best for me.  I've tried "letting go" and stopping the pills and it turned out to be disastrous.

Let's go back to the test from March.  The only ratios that were significantly out of balance were the adrenal- Na/Mg (30/2) and the blood sugar- Ca/Mg (27/2).  If I had simply boosted the Mg up to 4 without affecting the others, I'd be looking at some pretty good numbers right now.

On the first 2 days on the magnesium, I was sensational.  I did a hilly 7 miler from the Shak at GMP and it was a breeze.  Then, I followed it up with an outstanding tempo (5@6:20) and probably would have broken 40 for 10K.  I tailed off a bit after that but my performances remained pretty decent for the next 5 days.  It went downhill from there but in most cases, I wasn't horrible and rationalized that something else may have been holding me back (inconsistent w/ fructosin, B-vitamins, etc).  There may have been some truth to that but the bottom line is that if I had recognized magnesium as the problem in late March or early April, I'd be a lot better off now.

Now, if I was forced off the magnesium, why did it only rise from 2 to 3 on the hair test?  I don't know the answer but I must believe that something about my chemistry prevented proper absorption.  I have not found any evidence that magnesium is an enemy of selenium or Vitamin E.  My best guess is that the copper from the Thym-Adren was the culprit.  I was forced off the Thym-Adren just a few days prior to stopping the magnesium in late April (4/24 to be exact).  The hair sample was sent 9 days later and I made it a point not to cut near the roots.

I looked on CureZone and found that short-term benefits from magnesium followed by big trouble have occurred with others, especially those with a history of adrenal fatigue.  In the future, if I need magnesium again, I will remember that it is only a short-term answer.

As for the selenium, I expect that I will not need much of it because Vitamin E is a synergist.  The formula is now Thym-Adren, Fructosin, C and E with a possible addition of Juice Plus for more fruits and vegetables.

Many people quit on the hair test protocol because symptoms do not match test results.  Fast oxidizers can have blahs and depression.  Slow oxidizers can have over-stimulation and anxiety.  The reason is usually some other type of deficiency or excess.  It could be a mineral, enzyme or a neurotransmitter.  Once again, it SUCKS that it is this hard to figure out but if I went the traditional route (anti-depressants), a good day would be 2-3 miles @ 8-9 minute pace and increased risk of chronic disease due to inaction on other imbalances.

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