Monday, May 27, 2013

Training 5/27-6/2

5/27- Slept in a bit and got an 8 AM start.  Reverse Trak Shak 8 loop in 63:03 (7:53 pace).  Average performance.  It felt like there was something missing in my formula today.  More E?  More selenium?  Too much cheating on my diet?  I'll find out soon.  In this course, Mile 4 and Mile 6 are the toughest as opposed to 1 and 7 on the regular loop.  1st half was 31:11, 2nd half was 31:52, which wasn't bad.  Also, it was pushing 80 degrees when I finished but that's likely the conditions that I will face at Peachtree.

PM- Naked 2 mile junk run on Wisteria.  I am convinced that too much caffeine lately is hurting me.  My excuse was that since I'm already messed up, what difference will it make?  I know better than that and it stops now.  I have done 28 miles in the last 3 days.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=10.0

Update: The next hair sample will not be sent until mid-August.  I have proven that if I am able to take the Thym-Adren, my Na and K will come down quickly.  I do hope that I can keep the Mg from falling under 3.  The Na/Mg has not been under 15 (ideal is 4-5) since '08 and it was only low back then because I was deficient in adrenaline.  Here are the raw numbers that I will be shooting for:
Ca: 32, Mg:3, Na: 40, K: 12-13.  If I can do that, nothing would be classified as severe.

5/28- Did not quite feel up to running a tempo and it was probably a good call.  Ended up doing 6 indoors at a moderate effort.  Time was 44:50 (7:28 pace).  Even splits.  1st half: 22:26, 2nd half: 22:24.  Very fast in the last 200 so that shows that despite not feeling the best, I had another gear.  No real cravings for sugar and caffeine so it was a good clean start.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=6.5

5/29- Interesting.  Trak Shak 5 progression style with a guy named Travis, who latched on to me.  1st mile was 8:00, last mile was 6:51.  Overall time was 37:35 (7:31 pace).  Did not feel "right" on 1 Vitamin E pill so I took another half and got worse not better.  I will try to get by without it tomorrow.  Not sure what to make of it but it could be the caffeine that caused the need for E and now that I'm back off it, I no longer need it.  Another option is to take it without any selenium.  Did the caffeine have anything to do with the magnesium intolerance?  Seems unlikely but I'll find out soon.  Again, I need a quality day this week and a long run or else I take a penalty.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=5.5

Bible study was good last night.  One of the guys agreed with me that I cannot and should not be happy given what's happening with my chemistry but I need to be more at peace about it.  Again, patience was stressed but a man with a prophetic ministry said that my healing was a "certainty."  I was able to be patient in 2010 but not so now. I will work on being more "at peace." One comment really floored me in relation to my belief that I have a "higher calling," I was told to think of myself as a lone "redwood tree" in forest.

5/30- Best tempo since mid-March.  5 miles in 32:58 (6:36 pace).  Struggled a bit in Mile 3-4 but bounced back with a strong finish.  1st half: 16:25, 2nd half: 16:33. This pulls me even on the week.  Weight has been a little on the high side most of the year (157-161) but today it was down to 153 probably due to cutting out some empty calories.  My target is 155 give or take about 2 lbs.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=6.0

Update: I am officially off the Vitamin E.  I took just a tiny bit of a pill this morning and got an immediate negative reaction.  It probably cleared by the evening.  I credit cutting out the caffeine.  Can I handle sugar or alcohol?  I'll find that out this weekend when I hit the coast.  What about the magnesium intolerance?  I'll test that out next week. 

5/31- Poor showing in my interval workout.  In my defense, it was only 12 hours after a tempo.  The truth is that it was deeper than not being fresh and I know the difference.  Workout was 8x400 with a 200 jog R+ 30 seconds.  I averaged an 85 (5:40 pace).  1st 7 were 85-86 then I closed with a 78.  In tip top shape, I should be doing these in 75-76 with a 68 close.  I got home and took an extra Paramin (Cal/Mag) and my legs got much stiffer.  I then took a tiny bit of magnesium and got worse from there.  I know now that my caffeine consumption likely did not contribute to the magnesium intolerance.  New formula: Thym-Adren, Vitamin C, Fructosin.  Headed to Orange  Beach now and the weekend volume will be light.  FYI: Orange Beach is located on the Alabama coast just across the Florida line.
Grade:C+/2 credit/distance=3.5

6/1- Planned rest day in Orange Beach.  The Alabama beaches are every bit as nice as the ones in NW Florida.

6/2- Brutally humid run on the coastal highway.  With no water, I made it short and quick.  Out and back 3 mile in a solid time of 21:41 (7:14 pace).  1st half:10:58, 2nd half: 10:43.  Added a half mile cool.  The best time to run down here is in the evening but after dinner, it's hard.  Another good day of body surfing.  I had a few drinks yesterday but don't think it hurt me at all.  I can handle occasional alcohol but not caffeine.  I am going back to Birmingham tomorrow and hope to get a run in the evening.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=3.5

Weekly summary:
Can't say that I am happy with another loss but it's a loss that I can accept.  2 key questions were answered. 1) Caffeine must be eliminated.  2). The magnesium intolerance had nothing to do with the dietary slip ups but the Vitamin E deficiency did.
Distance= 35.0/ GPA= 22.6/8= 2.83
YTD: 817 miles/ Record: 9-12.  GPA= 2.67

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