Friday, May 17, 2013

Medical report

They say that hair test is predictive of future health but it seems to me like if I've been doing well for 2-3 months, I'll get a good report but if I'm struggling, I'll get a bad report.

The raw numbers:
-Calcium- up from 27-30 (good)
-Magnesium- up from 2-3 (good)
-Sodium- up from 30-85 (VERY BAD)
-Potassium- up from 10-31 (VERY BAD)

Other key minerals:
-Iron remains low but that's common for fast oxidizers and no cause for concern
-Zinc, copper, manganese and phosphorus are all within the normal range.
-Chromium is a bit low but not enough to be concern
-Selenium is deficient (26% of ideal).

Key ratios and comments:
Ca/Mg- 30/3= 10.00- Improvement over the 27/2 (13.50) from last time.  I'm no longer trending diabetic and am just outside of the normal range.  Pleased with this one.

Na/K- 85/31=2.74- Essentially the same as my 3.0 ratio from last time.  A slight drop but nothing to worry about as long as it stays above 2.50.  My worst fear coming in was that I had adrenal fatigue, in which case, I would never be competitive again.  This test confirms otherwise.  Good news.

Ca/P- 30/15= 2.00- Slight sympathetic dominance but not extreme and nothing to worry about.

Zn/Cu- 15/1.6= 9.39- Good last time and good this time as well.

Now the BAD stuff:

Ca/K= 30/31= 0.97- Severe imbalance.  Thyroid is 4x faster than ideal.  It was almost normal last time.

Na/Mg= 85/3= 28.33- Severe imbalance.  Adrenals are 6x faster than ideal compared with only 3x faster last time.

Overall comments:
The biggest change in my treatment plan was the addition of magnesium.  It was clearly not the answer and the damage would have been less severe if I had been able to recognize it sooner.  I did read that it can raise Na and K levels but it was still a net gain if the ratio dropped below 15.  I believed that taking Thym-Adren would counteract that rise and possibly drop Na below 25 while raising the Mg above 6.  In the end, Mg came up by only 1 point while Na jumped by 55 and K lept by 21.  I never thought it would be that bad.  I blame this on my awful showing in St. Louis.

Why was I forced off the Thym-Adren and why did I experience slow oxidation symptoms?  
Given those last 2 ratios, I should be badly over-stimulated and have crippling anxiety.  Instead, I felt lethargic and depressed.  Why?  I believe that the answer is the selenium deficiency, which is connected to thyroid hormones.  I picked up some at the health food store and as expected, the over-stimulation kicked in hard after popping a couple of selenium pills.  Going back to the Thym-Adren helps, as it should according to the results.  A simple mineral deficiency really can cause that much problems!  IT SUCKS but at least it is an easy fix.

What did I do right?
It was a very good call to get this test done when I did even though I was not due for almost another month.  Otherwise, there is no way that I could have learned about the selenium issue.  Treating the symptoms included taking thyroid and adrenal glandulars and did provide a bit of a temporary boost, which allowed for a decent performance in Pensacola.  However, if I had relied on it as a long-term solution, I would have gotten even further out of balance (Na over 100).  Attempting to train when that far out of whack almost certainly leads to injury.  This result demonstrates precisely the need to stay on top of your treatment and to re-test frequently especially after major shifts.  I've been called "obsessive" about this and been accused of "trying too hard."  I have no choice!

Going forward:
Does selenium have any impact on magnesium or vice-versa?  I don't know the answer to that and will have to ask the doctor.  I can safely continue training, which is the only good news.  I am not real optimistic going forward. I just cannot plug all of the leaks.  When I solve one problem, another springs up and I have little hope that anything will change at least in the short-term. 
The key is the Thym-Adren.  If I am able to take it, I've shown before that the Na and K will come down nicely and quickly as well.  What to do if the low magnesium issue flares up again?  Take it only for a few days on an as needed basis or simply take it 1-2x per week for preventative maintenance.  I will continue to serve the Lord but my heart is just not into writing devotionals with a focus on healing and I hope y'all can understand why I feel this way.

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