Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Medical report

I got the "hill pattern," so named for the way the graph looks concerning the values of the 4 key electrolytes.  In such a pattern, we see a low Ca/Mg , a high Na/Mg and a high-normal Na/K.
According to Dr. Wilson and quoted directly from his article on the subject, "It indicates turning a corner, overcoming something, released from a bondage."
  In my case, the bondage was the liver toxicity and inability to process key supplements, from which I have been freed.  Simple answer and it makes perfect sense.  This pattern is strongly associated with improving one's health but it does not happen overnight.  

This is the 3rd time that I have gotten the "hill pattern."  The first came in the summer of 2008, when I finally broke through the barrier of adrenal exhaustion.  The Fall of that year was only so-so but 2009 was a great year for me in almost every way.  I improved my half marathon PR by nearly 10 minutes and set adult PRs at every distance from the marathon all the way down to the 400 meters.  The second time came in the Spring of 2011 after I got a chronically infected root canal tooth pulled.  That summer was characterized by wild ups and downs.  I was either red hot or ice cold in my workouts, very little in between.  However, the Fall of 2011-Winter 2012 remains my best stretch of running ever.

Now the raw stats:
Calcium-23 vs ideal of 40 (down from 30 last time).  Negative trend but no concern because it's characteristic of the hill pattern.
Magnesium-8 vs ideal of 6 (up from 3 last time).  Positive trend.  Mag RBC was only 5.6 so this indicates some degree of Mag loss but I'm still MUCH better off in this area than I was last test.
Sodium- 61 vs ideal of 25 or 30 (down from 85 last time).  Positive trend.  Not as much of a drop as I had hoped to see but it's progress.
 Potassium-21 vs ideal of 10 (down from 31 last time).  Positive trend.  Again, I was hoping for lower but I'll take it.

Now the ratios:
Ca/Mg (blood sugar)- 23/8- 2.88.  Borderline diabetic but I'm not too worried about it.  It's likely a temporary reaction and characteristic of the hill pattern.  A total 180 degree shift from recent results and I expect it to normalize next time.  I will maintain a 1:1 supplement plan here.

Na/Mg (Adrenal)- 61/8- 7.63.  Mild-moderate over-activity but a MASSIVE improvement over last time (28.33, which is beyond extreme).

Na/K (Vitality)- 61/21-2.90.  Excellent number.  No trace of adrenal fatigue.

Ca/K (Thyroid)- 23/21- 1.10.  Moderate-severe over-activity.  Again, the low Cal pulled this ratio down so it's likely not quite as bad as the results indicate.
 Overall, my extreme fast oxidation has slowed but it remains over-active.  So now, why did my system reject the Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressant)? I'll have to call my doctor but I believe that the reason is copper toxicity.  On my report, the copper value rose dramatically from 1.6 to 5.6 (ideal is 2.5).  Thus, my normally good zinc/copper ratio was very low this time around (2.86 vs 8.00).  

What to make of this and what to do about it?
I am aware of a connection between liver toxicity and copper issues but my knowledge is limited at this time (it won't be for long).  It is possible that I had a hidden copper toxicity or bio-unavailable copper all along but until now, it never showed on the hair test because of the liver processing issues.
The ADHS (modulator) will help but it is unlikely to be as effective as the Thym-Adren. The Thym-Adren has pulled the Na down to 30 (ideal) before while the ADHS has only lowered it to around 50.  If I normalize the copper, will I be able to take Thym-Adren again?  Probably.  I don't see why not.  How to do that?  I know that Vitamin C is a direct copper antagonist so extra C may be helpful.  Zinc is also a possibility as is another product called GB-3 which also supports liver function and may eliminate the need for periodic detoxes.

For the first time in a long time, I have hope of a full recovery. 

Edit on 3/8/14:
  I'm not at all worried about the blood sugar ratio.  That was almost certainly a temporary reaction and characteristic of the hill pattern.  I predict that next time, the Cal will be back up to the 30 range and the Mag hopefully will not drop below 5.  The ideal ratio is 6.67.  My "healthy range" is 4-10.

As for the zinc/copper, I am mildly concerned but as a fast oxidizer, I should do well in eliminating excess copper.  Zinc won't work for me but C has been effective in the past and it seems that selenium can also be used judiciously.  GB-3 remains a possibility but I will have to talk to my doctor before I order that because it's fairly pricey.  Multiple sources have confirmed that excess copper can and does accumulate in the liver.  I am quickly becoming convinced that I was copper toxic all along but the copper read low on my hair tests because it was stuck in my liver prior to the detox.  Now, it has been dumped out and spread throughout my tissues.  Hence, the high reading this time.  Still, if I do what needs to be done, I am confident that this ratio will also normalize.  The ideal ratio here is 8.0 but men should be a bit more zinc dominant.  I'll set the "healthy range" at 6-12.

Now, the big 2:  The oxidation ratios.   
Ideal Ca/K is 4.0.  I'm at 1.1 or 27.5%, a modest improvement over the 0.96 (24%) last time.  I want this one at least 3.

My ideal Na/Mg is 5.0.  Yes, the "book value" is 4.17 but it's better for athletes to run a little on the high side so I've bumped the Na up from 25 to 30.  I'm currently at 7.63.  (5/7.63)= 65.5%.  I expect the Mag to drop next test so it must be accompanied by a similar drop in Na to at least maintain this ratio.

My Metabolic Score:
This term has been invented by me by taking the average of thyroid and adrenal percentages.  My current score is 46.5% (27.5+65.5)/2.  That doesn't look too good but it's a big improvement over the 20.8% that I had last time.  In order to declare myself healthy, that score needs to be at least 70%, maybe even 75% and have the blood sugar and zinc/copper in the range while avoiding a crash in the Na/K.  It can be done.

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