Monday, March 17, 2014

Training 3/17-3/23

3/17- Gold's 6 miler on a dreary day.  Enjoyable run.  Finished in 44:37 (7:26 pace).  Nice even splits (22:15-22:22) and never really felt uncomfortable despite a bit of stiffness in the calf muscles.  Good job.  Let's avoid a mini-relapse this week.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=6.0

3/18- AM.  5K time trial in 20:05.  Paced it almost perfectly (6:24-6:29-6:30-42) but it was just out of my reach.  I remained on pace roughly through 1.75 and still had a shot up until about 600 to go but just could not muster a kick.  I had a case of the spaghetti legs.  Como es Juan?  This is still my best time in 2 years and I'm coming back for more this evening.

PM- Reminiscent of the old Crazy J.  Lakeshore-Brookwood 6 miler.  Took off at 7:20 pace in the first mile and never slowed down.  Finished the route in a time of 43:48 (7:18 pace) and felt fine in doing so.  1st half: 21:43, 2nd half: 21:55.  The back half is slightly uphill and I was well ahead of pace so I'd say that's pretty even.  I'm in good position for a win this week.
Grade:A-/3 credit/distance=9.5

3/19- 5th straight sub-7:30 workout.  I had to work for this one however.  Trak Shak 7.5 mile route in a time of 55:23 (7:24 pace).  Despite sore legs, I managed to pace it well on a hilly route.  The only mile slower than 7:30 was Mile 7 and those familiar with this route know why.  Good job.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=7.5

3/20- Planned rest day.  Well deserved.  I hope I can handle a speed day tomorrow and a long run this weekend.  Foot is a little tender today.  Hopefully, it's no big deal.  Getting closer to balance will be the best way to cure it.  Prolo did help PF but not as much as getting in closer to balance.  I bet my tissue Na and K skyrocketed when I was on the Endodren and only began going back down the last 3 weeks.  If I had to guess, my Na is in the 70s now and the K is around 25.  Yes, I do admit to pushing too hard the last 2 days.

3/21- AM 10x200 at Spain Park.  Wanted to do 12 but had to get to work on time.  First 9 were 34-35 then closed with a 32.  On target but my body feels shot.  I'm going to try upping my Mag again.
PM- 1.5 mile junk run on Wisteria untimed.
Grade:B/2 credits/distance=3.0

3/22- Lakeshore 10 in 79:32 (7:57 pace).  Weak effort and faded badly in the 2nd half (38:32/41:00) but double digits with a sub-8 average is enough to clinch a win this week.  I should have waited until tomorrow to go long.  I am adding Mag and reducing Cal so we'll see.  Foot remains tender but it's holding up.
Grade:C/2 credits/distance=10.0

3/23- EXCELLENT.  Lakeshore 5 in 35-flat (7:00 pace) while feeling comfortable.  I credit cutting the Cal and adding the Mag.  It did make a big difference but I am encouraged that I was not horrible yesterday.  Before the detox, being only slightly off would make a HUGE difference (I'm talking 9+ pace vs sub-7).  Added a mile cool.  I think I've finally gotten some good shoes to stave off plantar fasciitis.  I'm going with the Adidas Energy Boosts.  The Karhus are good but a bit too flexible.  The Kinvara 2s were great.  The Kinvara 4s SUCK.  I don't need heel cushioning but do need some in the forefoot.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
A convincing win.  Last year, the slump started after Week 11 and I lost 29 of 39 to end the year.  I did over-reach early in the week but the magnesium deficit was the primary cause of the minor hiccups on Thurs-Sat.  Again, it is encouraging that I was not horrible even on my worst day.  I believe that with proper shoes and the trend toward balance, PF should not be a major issue.
Distance=42.0/ GPA= 34.5/10= 3.45 (highest of the year)
YTD: 350 miles.  Record- 4-7 with a 2.44 GPA.

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