Monday, March 3, 2014

Training 3/3-3/9

3/3- AM- BEYOND AWFUL!  2 miles at Gold's in about 18 minutes and I quit at that point.  No need to panic yet.  I know the reason.  I suspected low neurotransmitters and tried some tyrosine +C.  Needless to say, it didn't work.  Even if my neuros are a little low, ADHS will take care of that.  It does have a small amount of tyrosine+C but other stuff to balance everything out.  I called the doctor's office again and they promised to send out the medical report immediately.  I will try to run again this evening and I'll be lenient and give myself a "D" if I can run at all.  No more experimentation.  ADHS should be a winning formula no matter what the report says.

PM- MUCH BETTER.  3 miles in 23:21 (7:47 pace) with a negative split (11:48/11:33).  I know that magnesium "neutralizes" adrenaline so it could be a delicate balance.  That said, I do not anticipate the severe instability of the past.  A sub-8 pace was the "C-" goal and I made it.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=5.0

3/4- AM- Now I am worried.  2 miles in 16:49 (8:25 pace) with splits of 8:01-8:48.  Woke up feeling very overstimulated and my normal ADHS was not enough.  That said, I am virtually certain that Thym-Adren would take me too far in the opposite direction.  I must increase the Mag and ADHS dose.  I am feeling uncertain.  I know that ADHS can bring my Na down to the 50s but it needs to be closer to 30 to feel my best.  I will take more and hope to do better this afternoon.

PM-  Feel no better and I know the culprit now.  It is FRS "Healthy Energy"  Maybe someday I will learn to drink mostly water with the occasional lemonade or tea but nothing else!  I'm taking the afternoon off and I am counting it as my rest day this week.  No grade.

3/5- As expected, the morning was rough but I began feeling better as the day progressed.  I was not quite up for a tempo or speed session but was solid in a standard issue run.  Trak Shak 5.5 mile loop in 41:11 (7:29 pace).  Fell asleep a bit in Mile 4 but outside of that I was pretty even.  Medical report came in today and I am generally pleased.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.0

3/6- AM- Attempted a tempo and sucked.  3 miles in 21:47 (7:16 pace) with a massive fade to a 7:49 last mile.  I think I know the problem.  The copper is beginning to clear out, which is causing the over-stimulation to kick in.  Thus, I need more ADHS.  I am still afraid to try the Thym-Adren.

PM- Added 3 more ADHS and was MUCH improved.  Full 5K in 20:16 (6:31 pace).  Splits were 6:37-6:31-6:28-40.  I don't think I have ever negative split a 5K but today my 1st half was 10:12 and the 2nd half was 10:04.  Cut off another 19 seconds in 7 days.  Nice job.  I am only 6 seconds per mile shy of a sub-20 5K but still a rather distressing 63 seconds (:21/mi) from a PR. Let's just keep up this steady progress.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=6.5

3/7- I've got to start doing my track workouts in the mornings this time of year.  I tried Spain Park and Vestavia.  Both were closed for soccer games.  Then, I got caught in rush hour traffic and ended up on South Lakeshore.  All told, it took me an hour to find a place to run.  For those not from B'ham, South Lakeshore is a road with light traffic that is marked at 200 meter intervals.  It always feels weird not knowing exactly how far you've gone plus the road is slightly sloped so times won't be as fast as on a track.  The workout was a short pyramid as planned.  200-400-600-800-600-400-200 plus 3/4 mile warm and cool.  I aimed for an overall pace between 5:30-5:40 per mile and was able to do it.  R was 2 minutes after each rep, which was probably too much.  Here are the split times:
200- 39 (uphill).  400- 84 (uphill), 600- 2:05 (downhill),800- 2:55 (uphill)
600-2:09 (downhill), 400- 77 (downhill), 200-37 (downhill).  That's an overall pace of 5:33 per mile.  Legs felt okay after yesterday's hard tempo.  Solid but unspectacular overall.  Going to try some zinc and Vitamin C now ahead of my easy day tomorrow.  Both help eliminate copper.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=3.5

3/8- Felt noticeably worse shortly after taking some extra zinc.  I know that's not the answer and it only cost me $8.  Extra Vitamin C this morning did not seem to make much difference.  I waited until afternoon to run to give it more time for the zinc to clear out.  Apparently, it has.  Pushed a little too hard for an easy day but I needed to test it out.  The workout was a scenic 5 mile route through Mountain Brook in a time of 37:20 (7:28 pace).  Route was the Canterbury loop plus an out and back section on Jemison trail.  Good job.  Need a "B minus" on the LR to win this week.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=5.0

3/9- AM Long run FAIL.  Quit after only 1 mile in just under 9 minutes.  I'm betting that it was the Vitamin C.  Apparently, it cannot be taken with the ADHS probably because the tyrosine puts the adrenaline over the top.  Tried some Thym-Adren and it seemed to help a little bit.  Junk run is on tap this afternoon.

PM- Not much better but the good news is that I was not worse after taking the Thym-Adren.  2 miles on Wisteria in 17:30 (8:45 pace).  Down mile in 8:25, Up mile in 9:05.  BAAAUHD!  I get a plus because I figured something out today.  No Vitamin C with the ADHS!
Grade:F+/2 credit/distance=3.0

Weekly summary:
ARRGH!  6 losses in the last 7 weeks.  Difficult to spin this one positively but I did show progress on the medical report and learned what not to take.  I have 2 options going forward.  A: Stick with the ADHS alone and trust the steady progress or B: Take the C+ Thym-Adren.  I'm going with option B because it's what has given me the most success in the past.  If it fails, I know there's another option out there and if that fails, I will detox again.  Yearly GPA has ticked up again.
Distance=31.0/ GPA= 22.5/9= 2.50
YTD: 268 miles.  Record is 3-6 with a 2.32 GPA.  UGLY!

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