Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Minor Victory: Off the Adrenal glandular

Brief timeline:
-Symptoms flipped from over-stimulation to significant fatigue in late May.  It turned out that the cause was a cadmium toxicity as revealed on the hair test.  As is commonly the case, I went with adrenal support to combat the fatigue.  It was successful.
-Attempted to run without adrenal support in early June and clocked an 8:26 Mile running nearly all out.  My time with the adrenal support at the time was a 5:46 (difference of 2:40).
-My Mile time without the pills came down steadily (under 7:30 by mid-June, sub-7 by the end of June, sub-6 by mid July) while the time with the pills improved by a modest 9 seconds down to 5:37.
-In the week of July 14-20, I was actually slightly worse with the pills (5:46 vs. 5:51).

Q: How is this different from being forced off the pills in the past?
A: This has a much different feel.  In the past, what often happened was that the key pill worked like a charm then without warning, it literally made me feel much worse overnight.  Yet, the medical report showed that I still needed it.  In this case, I could see it coming a couple weeks ago as the gaps in performance due to pills narrowed steadily until I was slightly worse with them.

Q: So, would you say that you were freed rather than forced off?
A: Yes indeed.  I took 3 pills and my paces were only 5-10 seconds slower than without the pills.  That is exactly what should happen when you take just a couple doses of a pill that is not right for your chemistry.  I felt only slightly weakened.  It was not the crash (3 @ over 8:00 pace) that comes with taking pills that I cannot tolerate.  Yes, I would get steadily worse if I continued on the 3 Endodren but let's say I took a few days off it then took it again.  I'll bet that once again, I'd be only slightly worse.

Q: What do you think your hair test would look like now?
A: That's always difficult to predict but I do believe that my cadmium toxicity has diminished.  When cadmium falls, sodium falls so I bet it's at a more reasonable level now but still high.

Q: What about the Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressant)?
A: Until my system demands Thym-Adren, I'm going with the Cal/Mag alone.  I'm still unsure of how well I will be able to tolerate copper.  I would not be surprised at all if I end up back on it but as long as it is not mega doses with extreme sensitivity, I'm fine with it.

Q: What's the top priority now?
A: I MUST, repeat MUST improve my liver function, specifically the ceruloplasmin value.  The zinc failed and so did the liver drops.  It is possible that going slowly (start at 10 mg zinc) would work out but the only thing that has been consistently effective in the past is the Hulda Clark liver cleanse.  I want to do 2 more of those before getting tested again.  I have a strong feeling that if I can get the ceruloplasmin up to par, the sensitivity will diminish.  When that happens, I will be in the clear.

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