Monday, July 14, 2014

Training 7/14-7/20

7/14- AM-Spain Park Mile Without Endodren in 5:46.6 (87-87-88-84). Cut off another 11 seconds. Within 9 ticks of my time on Endodren. Won't be long now.  Not much of a kick at the end but this was probably the most evenly paced Mile that I have ever run.

PM- On Endodren.  Nice 6 miler at goal marathon pace.  Finished in 43:40 (7:17 pace).  Splits were 21:49-21:51 so I can't get much more even than that.  I actually felt slightly overstimulated during the day.  I want to do another Mile on Endodren very soon and would not be shocked if it's a 5:50ish.  Not quite ready to quit the Endodren just yet but likely would feel best on a reduced dose.
Important point: Yes, today was a good day but if I added only HALF a Cal or Mag pill, I would have struggled to an upper 7 pace.  I cannot beat this disease without solving the sensitivity.
Grade:A/2 credit/distance=8.0

7/15- AM On Endodren, Spain Park Mile in 5:51.6 (89-89-89-84).  It has happened sooner than expected.  I am slightly worse on the adrenal glandular.  Granted, I was not as fresh as yesterday but I knew how I felt.  I actually felt pretty well when I woke up and likely would have improved upon the 5:46 that I ran yesterday.  After popping the 3 pills, I felt slightly worse and it showed in workout.  Even if I was fresh, I don't think I could have broken 5:45.  Again, I was only SLIGHTLY worse on the pills.  That is an important point that I will explain later.  Easy 5 on tap this evening.

PM- 5 miles as planned in 37:03 (7:25 pace).  This is exactly what should happen when you take a couple doses of a pill that is not right for your chemistry.  I was a little weakened but it was not debilitating and for an easy run, it was very solid.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.0

7/16- Took advantage of a rare summer cool front.  It was a pleasant 80 degrees with low humidity by 5:30.  Trak Shak 8 in 57:53 (7:14 pace).  That's 3:10 BQ marathon pace on a hilly route.  GPS measured it a little short but I'm going with it.  The full tree covering was the likely cause.  1st half was 28:47, 2nd half: 29:06.  Every mile was sub-7:30 including the Starbucks hill, which sucks.  Very strong out there.  Took 1 Endodren to taper off and will try to go without it tomorrow.  I may pay for this one later in the week.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=8.0

7/17- Planned rest day.  1st day off Endodren began well enough.  My joints were sore but I had plenty of energy.  However, as the day progressed, I began feeling more and more overstimulated.  By the end of the work day, I was hurting pretty badly.  Time to try the Thym-Adren.  If that causes the copper toxicity to re-appear, I am in big trouble.

Update: Popped 1 Thym-Adren and seemed to get somewhat better.  Excellent news so far.  A potential issue is that Thym-Adren contains calcium so will my system handle the Cal/Mag adjustment?  Tomorrow, I am going with 3 pills and hope against hope that it's all I need.  PLEASE NO SENSITIVITY!  I've known for more than a year that the path to balance is a 1:1 Cal/Mag ratio plus Thym-Adren.  I've hit 3 roadblocks.  Maybe the 4th time is the charm.

7/18- Could not really ask for much better for my first day on Thym-Adren.  Went with 3 pills and I sure hope it will be all I need over the long haul.  I did feel overstimulated but my legs were loose and limber for the first time in a long time.
AM- 1 Mile in 5:45.6 (86-87-89-83). 8 seconds down on my best of the year but I was quite pleased.  I simply hoped for a sub-6.  I am on the right path to balance now.  I want to see steady improvement now.  If I can cut off 5 seconds per week, I'll be sub-5:30 before I know it.

PM- Interval session was rained out.  That's okay.  I was not up for anything too hard on the first day.  4 miles at Gold's in 29:57 (7:29 pace).  Faded at the end but did not collapse.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=5.0

7/19- Good news and bad news.  The good is that I can tolerate the Thym-Adren as well as additional Cal/Mag just fine.  The bad news is that 3 pills won't cut it.  Debilitating is too strong of a word but I will be significantly weakened if I don't take enough.
AM- Run with the slower Gnomes.  Aimed for 10@8:00 on a hilly route and was on pace through 6 then hit the wall and logged an 8:49 and 9:04 before shutting it down early.  Totaled 8 miles in 65:57 (8:15 pace).  Poor performance.

PM- Junk run on Wisteria just to hit double digits on the day.  Did the down side in a solid 6:30 but saw no reason to push in humid conditions so I just trotted up.  I will need a "C" tomorrow to get a win this week.  I have to skip to BTC social but I'm not really in the mood anyway.  Detox is a go for tonight.
Grade:C-/2 credits/distance=10.0

7/20- Detox wasn't bad.  I did pass a few stones but not as many as in the past.  Not sure if that is good news or bad.  One piece of good news is that I took mega Thym-Adren today and felt about the same as on 6 pills so it looks like 6 is as high as I'll go.
Workout was a stop and go 3 miler at Gold's with several bathroom stops.  Finished in 22:25 (7:28 pace) with a slight negative split.  Did not feel great but on the day of the detox, I did not expect much.  Just wanted to hit the mileage quota.

PM- Update: Forget what I said about not being so sensitive.  I was MUCH worse after an extra Cal/Mag.  Shake out mile on Wisteria.  I ran it naked but my pace was likely over 10:00.
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance=4.0

Weekly summary:
Lenient grading over the weekend enabled me to win my 5th in the last 7 weeks.  This was done amid one of the most massive shifts in my health so I deserved this win.  In theory, this formula SHOULD get me to balance.  Another roadblock is always possible.  I am still behind last year's pace in mileage but have moved ahead in wins and GPA.
Distance= 41.0/ GPA= 24.3/8= 3.04
YTD: 953 miles.  Record: 13-15 with a 2.64 GPA

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