Friday, August 15, 2014

Ceruloplasmin and copper test #2

I did not do the zinc or Mag RBC test this time.  I have a good idea where I am there.  Normal but sub-optimal.  The copper and ceruloplasmin?  I really wanted to know.
Long term goal:
Cp: 25.  Copper: 80-90.  Unbound copper: 90-3(25)= 15.0

Short-term goal:
Cp: 20.  Copper: 80.  Unbound copper: 80-3(20)=20.0

Previous test:
Cp: 17.9.  Copper: 82.  Unbound copper: 82- 3(17.9)= 28.3

Current test:
Cp: 18.3.  Copper: 79.  Unbound copper: 79-3(18.3)=24.1

A modest improvement.  I was hoping for better but was reminded on Facebook to be pleased that my numbers are indeed heading in the right direction.  It has only been 7 weeks since my last test.  To create a parallel, let's say that I was 75 lbs. overweight and lost 7 lbs. in as many weeks.  It's certainly better than a gain but not the number you are looking for.

The ceruloplasmin is up by only 0.4 (2.26%) which is not even a statistically significant.  Same with the copper.  Only a 3 point drop, which is not significant.  What is somewhat encouraging is the amount of unbound copper.  Healthy is 15 or below.  Mine fell from 28.3 to 24.1 (14.8% drop). Of course, I've got quite a ways to go but that percentage of a drop IS significant.  So, in a nutshell, I lost 3 units of copper but the amount of BOUND copper actually rose from 53.7 to 54.9.

I have received very good news and bad news this week.  I am extremely pleased that I can tolerate the modulator (ADHS) and if I deviate a bit from the optimal dose, it doesn't seem to hurt me that much.  My only gripe is some issues with diarrhea but I think there's a good chance that it will either pass or I'll find a solution.  I am equally displeased about the continued EXTREME sensitivity to Cal/Mag.  It is becoming increasing clear that I need EXACTLY 625 mg of each and small deviations will result in significant weakness.  Until the Cp gets above 20, I don't expect to see much improvement there.

One interesting theory:
A low Cp level is often indicative of weak adrenals and I had been taking an adrenal suppressant.  A big question is whether or not the Thym-Adren hindered the Cp production.  It is possible that I will see quicker improvement now that I am on the modulator.  Next test will be in late September.

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