Thursday, August 14, 2014

Endodren and Thym-Adren versus ADHS

I am not a doctor nor I have any formal training in natural medicine.  The purpose of this post is to share my experience on all 3 of these adrenal supplements, nothing more.  Please seek counsel with a professional before making a decision on what to take.

Let me take you back to the end of 2010.  I was coming off a down year in which I finished with a losing record and set only 2 PRs (Mile and Marathon) while suffering 2 injuries.  For about 6 weeks, I took nothing except for Cal/Mag.  After some early successes, I broke down and my medical report revealed that my Na/Mg ratio had shot up to 87/2.  In December of 2010, I added the ADHS and managed to finish the Huntsville Rocket City marathon in 3:43.  Progress continued early in 2011 with PRs in the 10K (40:55) and half marathon (1:32:49).  My medical report showed progress as my Na fell from 87 to 57 but the Mag remained frozen at 2. Other interesting things were happening too.  Copper rose from 0.9 to 2.1, which indicates some elimination and the cadmium toxicity was beginning to show itself. Then in June of 2011, the ADHS stopped working.  By that I mean, my system could no longer tolerate it and it caused my body to tighten up so much that I could not run at all if I took even 1 of those pills.  I switched back to Thym-Adren and shortly thereafter, I took my running to a new level and finally reached sub-1:30 form in the half.

I now know that it was liver toxicity that prevented me from taking the ADHS.  Also, as evidenced by the hair test, it simply wasn't quite strong enough for extreme fast oxidizer.  On Thym-Adren, I've got the Na down as low as 30 vs. 57 on the ADHS.  No doubt, Thym-Adren was the right choice for me in 2011 and 2012 when I was running my best.  I only wish I had added more magnesium.  If I had done so, I believe I would have done 1:26 in Austin and 1:27 in LA.

Thym-Adren Review:
This is a glandular product with the active ingredient being thymus substance, which is designed to suppress adrenal function and is much stronger than ADHS.  It also contains 41 mg. Calcium and 20 parts zinc/1 part copper.  It was very effective for me.  Sodium and potassium fell from extreme highs all the way into the normal range.  The critical Na/K stayed in line too.  Calcium ticked higher as well but that stubborn magnesium would not budge.  Now, I know why.  The 41 mg of Cal was the culprit.  I had been taking Paramin as well (a Cal/Mag in a ratio of 3 parts Cal:2 parts Mag).  When you have to take a mega dose of Thym-Adren+ and its 41 mg of Cal per pill+ Paramin, you are getting nearly 3 parts Cal to 1 part Mag.  That is big trouble!  Nobody should ever exceed 2 parts Cal to 1 part Mag.  In this case, DO take my word for it.

Endodren Review:
This is the opposite of Thym-Adren.  It is an adrenal stimulant intended for slow oxidizers.  Its key ingredient is bovine adrenal substance and contains several synergistic minerals.  It contains just a trace of zinc with no copper and was recently re-formulated to take out the 20 mg of Cal and replaced it with 5 mg of Mag.  That was a good call IMO and is not enough to upset the critical Cal/Mag balance.  Especially if your Na level is 10 or below and your K is 4 or less, this supplement is likely a good choice.  Why did I need it as a fast oxidizer?  I took it purely for symptom relief to combat the extreme fatigue associated with copper and cadmium toxicity.  I now suspect that my extreme high Na on my last hair test (147) was as much due to sodium loss from cadmium toxicity as retention.  I always knew it was only a temporary solution and considered it a minor victory when I was forced off.

ADHS review:
This product is a modulator.  That is, it is suitable for both fast and slow oxidizers and will get you closer to balance regardless of what side of the spectrum you lie. It contains no glandular material and is more herbal based with a few amino acids and minerals.  It contains no calcium or magnesium and has 10 parts zinc/1 part copper.  Based on personal observations, it is likely not as strong as the Thym-Adren or Endodren and thus not the best choice if you are extreme on either side.  If your case is fairly mild and you are just looking for maintenance, it should be an excellent choice.

Where I stand:
  I did my copper and ceruloplasmin test yesterday and could get the results tomorrow but most probably, it will be Monday or Tuesday.  I cannot take either the Thym-Adren or the Endodren but NEED the ADHS right now.  It looks like 4 pills is my sweet spot but it won't be debilitating if I miss 1 dose or take 1 too many.  That's excellent news.  As for the Cal/Mag issues, I still need a 1:1 ratio or very close but it seems like I can take more than the 625 that I had been taking while on the Thym-Adren.  That's good news as well.  I won't be upset if the ceruloplasmin isn't very good this time.  I suspect that the ADHS can help raise it because of the higher copper content.  I'll test again next month after another detox but will hold off on the hair test until late Fall.  The weather will start to cool off soon.  Let's get some fast times now!  That will say that it's working.

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