Monday, August 4, 2014

Training 8/4-8/10

8/4- WORSE!  Even after tweaking the Cal/Mag, I was HORRIBLE and SUCKED TOO!
Run #1- 1 Mile in 8:50.
Run #2- After more pills.  Half mile in 5:17 (10:34 pace).
It's not the Cal/Mag.  It's got to be the Thym-Adren.
Grade:F/ distance=1.5

8/5- AM- Wisteria Mile in 8:28.  Satisfied with the improvement.

PM- Gold's 4 in 31:54 (7:58 pace).  Rallied for a 7:42 in Mile 4 to get the sub-8 pace.  Cut the Thym-Adren from 3 pills to 2 and that was the reason for the improvement.  Feeling very uneasy.  I fear that I may need to go back to Endodren at some point.  Also, if 1 pill makes this much difference, my liver is still bad.  Detox will be this weekend.  I did cave on the sugar today.  Get back up tomorrow.  I may do a better with or without test tomorrow with the Thym-Adren.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=5.5

8/6- AM- Better with or without test.  Ran 1/3 of a mile without in 2:47 (8:21 pace) and had seen enough.  Popped 1 Thym-Adren and was down to 2:07 (6:21 pace) then jogged a cool to make it an even 1 Mile.  Good news and bad out of this one.  In the past, I dropped quickly from 3 pills to 0 then to the Endodren.  Now, I am getting off more gradually and may never need Endodren again.  That's the good.  The bad is that if ONE FREAKING PILL made that much difference, I am still VERY unstable and there's not much chance of a good ceruloplasmin result.  I will try again to run without the Thym-Adren and hope for a sub-8 tomorrow for a full mile.

PM- Gold's 5 in 37:17 (7:27 pace).  An improvement over yesterday and looks okay on the surface for a standard issue run but am still not pleased with how I felt.  Going all out, I would not have been much under 36.  Popped HALF a Thym-Adren after the workout and stiffened up a bit more.
Soon, I will be off.  The question is why is it happening?  I've re-ordered molybdenum and ICMN but I actually hope they fail.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=6.0

8/7- 1 Mile without Thym-Adren and improved all the way to a 6:41.0 with a slight negative split (3:23-3:18).  Today will be my last day on it.  I hope that I will be sugar free today too.

PM- 1 step forward.  2 steps back.  3 miles in 25:37 (8:32 pace) with splits of 12:30-13:07.  Settled into an upper 8 pace by the end of Mile 1 and was able to hold it.  Yesterday, 1 Thym-Adren resulted in a huge improvement.  Today, it had the opposite effect.  I'm off it tomorrow.  3 options are moly, Endodren and hope against hope that I can get by with Cal/Mag alone.
Grade:D+/1 credit/distance=4.0

8/8- AM- Spain Park Mile in 5:57.1 (89-90-91-87).  Can't be upset with a 44 second improvement but this was still not good enough.  Even if last week's 5:33 is the best I can do right now (it isn't), I should be no worse than 5:50 even on an "off day" because of the 5% rule.  I slept 9 hours and woke up overstimulated but did calm down a bit after taking Cal/Mag.  That means that as of now, neither the Thym Adren nor the Endodren will work.  There are still questions to be answered.

PM- ICMN is supposedly good for the liver and good for fast oxidizers but it failed me today.  I was smart enough to only take half a pill but was still significantly weakened.  I did the same Mile this time at Oak Mountain and slipped to a 6:53.  Once again, if HALF a pill costs me nearly a minute per mile, I've got big problems with chemical sensitivity.  On the plus side, a high copper protein bar once again was no problem.  That means my copper toxicity is not severe and molybdenum is unlikely to help but I've got to give it a shot.
Grade:C/2 credits/distance=3.0
Detox is tomorrow.  What if any effect will that have on my tolerance to Thym-Adren?
Will the molybdenum allow me to take the Thym-Adren?
I don't need and can't take Endodren now but am I shifting in that direction?
Can I get by on Cal/Mag alone?  That would be a miracle!
I will be doing another ceruloplasmin test next week but am not due for another hair test until October.  These questions should be answered by next week.

8/9- Survived the Gnome run and that was really all I had hoped to do.  Finished 10 miles in 77:33 (7:45 pace) with a moderate fade at the end.  Pace slipped to the 8:10 range in Mile 8-9  but there was no collapse.  It was also done in very humid conditions. Still, on a good day, this would have been a 73-74 and felt fairly easy. Tried molybdenum when I got home and it failed.  Not a surprise.  Detox is a go for today.  Then, I will try it again.
Grade:B-/2 credits/distance=10.0

8/10- Detox day.  Stop and go 4 miler at Gold's with many stops at the toilet.  Moving time was 30:37 (7:39 pace) with splits of 15:07-15:30.  Not terrible but it did feel like I need some adrenal support so I popped an Endodren and began feeling worse.

PM- Junk run on Wisteria just to hit the quota.  Felt awful.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=5.0

Weekly summary:
Questions appear to have been answered.  I think I know where this is going.  It appears that I cannot take either Thym-Adren or Endodren and  MAYBE BY SOME MIRACLE, I will stabilize on Cal/Mag only.  Loss on the week but not a blowout and managed decent mileage.  It's now or never.  I should know by the end of next week.
Distance=35.0/GPA= 18.1/8= 2.26
YTD: 1,069 miles.  Record: 15-16 with a 2.65 GPA.

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