Monday, August 11, 2014

Training 8/11-8/17

8/11- AM- Wisteria junk run.  I wasn't expecting much because the Endodren hasn't fully cleared.  Ran the down side in 4:04 then the up side in 4:35 after popping half a Thym-Adren.  The slope is gentle so losing 10 seconds is understandable NOT 31.  A key question has been answered.  I CANNOT TOLERATE EITHER.  It must be Cal/Mag alone.  A final option has come up, which is the modulator, ADHS.  That pill failed me before the detox and failed again when I was eliminating cadmium but it may work now.  I would feel safer on the modulator rather than the Cal/Mag alone.  Ceruloplasmin test #2 will be at the end of the week.  It will be hard to focus at work will all this going on.

PM- Took 3 ADHS today (modulator) and improved tremendously.  5 miles at Gold's in 35:34 (7:07 pace) at moderate effort.  I have no doubt that I could have held this pace for another 5 miles, possibly 8. Felt strong the whole way but felt some abnormal tightness when I tried to sprint at the end.  Of course, I am pleased with this one but it raises almost as many questions as it answers.  I cannot take the stimulant OR the suppressant but I may NEED the modulator.  What does that say about my chemistry?  Of course, it is good that I could tolerate it now when I could not before because of liver/toxicity issues.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=6.0
-will the ADHS work long-term or will I crash if I keep taking it?
-what is the optimal dosage?
-If I deviate from the optimal dose by 1/2 pill, what happens?
Trial and error is all I can do to answer these.  What a life!

8/12- AM- Woke up slightly overstimulated then took an overdose of ADHS (5 pills).  Good news.  I was slightly weakened but the ill-effects were not severe.  Effort was similar to yesterday and I stopped at 2 miles in 14:52 (7:26 pace) with dead even splits.

PM- Canturbury 5 in a solid 36:51 (7:22 pace) on a hilly route.  More good news is that I was only somewhat stronger after 10 hours off the pills.  It was not a radical difference.  Pace never slipped to 7:30 nor got faster than 7:15 despite the terrain.  Only irritation was diarrhea.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=7.0

8/13- Trak Shak 7.5 in 55:18 (7:22 pace).  Solid performance overall but I know how I feel and this wasn't right.  At least through 6 miles, I had no trouble at all with a sub-7:30 pace but could not access the tempo gear then faded on the hill that sucks (7:55 in Mile 7).  It was probably because I forgot to take a 2nd Cal/Mag in the morning.  I only took 2 ADHS before the workout and 1 after.
I was told that I "look fast" again.  Some people can't believe that I am sick because I usually don't look it and have the perfect body type for distance running.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=7.5

8/14- Planned rest day.  I'd like to do a double for BAFA day tomorrow.

8/15- BAFA day.  Morning workout was beyond awful.  Attempted a speed session and had seen enough after a 200 in 44 running all out.  I did another untimed then slow jogged 3 laps to make it 1.5 total.  The culprit was too much CalMag (1000 mg) last night.  Also, I am getting concerned about issues with diarrhea.  I might be better by the evening.

PM- Got about what I expected.  3 miles at Gold's with another diarrhea attack.  Finished in 23:10 (7:43 pace) with fairly even splits.  Very mediocre.  Can still win this week but need an outstanding weekend.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=4.5

8/16- AM- Long run FAIL.  Stopped at 4 miles in 35:52 (8:58 pace).  I am now completely intolerant to Cal/Mag.  That must change or else.

PM- Another 4 miles this time at Gold's.  Not surprisingly, after just 9 hours off the Cal/Mag, I improved by more than 1 minute per mile.  Time was down to 31:44 (7:56 pace). Splits were 15:40/16:04.  I have a new idea: Judicious use of zinc.  I've tried 30-50 mg before and was awful.  How about 5-15 mg instead?  FYI: Thym-Adren has 20 parts zinc to 1 part copper.  ADHS's ratio is only 10:1.  Zinc is a magnesium and copper antagonist so MAYBE, it will allow me to tolerate Cal/Mag again.  Zinc supposedly is good for ceruloplasmin but too much could lower my Mag RBC and throw off the zinc/copper ratio, which was good on both my hair and blood tests. 5-10 extra mg SHOULD NOT hurt me.  Only good news today was no diarrhea on either attempt to run.
Grade:E/2 credits/distance=8.0

8/17- Weak tempo.  3 miles in 20:03 (6:41 pace).  That's equivalent to about a 20:45-20:50 for 5K so I was not horrible but clearly weakened. I did have a nice kick at the end and ran a negative split (10:06-9:57) but I need to be no worse than the low-19s or a sub-20 5K.   I went with ADHS alone today and I bet that's as good as I'll see without the Cal/Mag.  I could quit the ADHS and take the Cal/Mag alone but I'm betting that the results will be no better, maybe worse.
Grade:C+/2 credit/distance=5.0

PM- 2 mile junk run just to pad the weekly mileage.
Weekly summary:
I've gone numb with another loss.  Once again, I am down to my last hope.
Distance= 38.0 GPA: 18.0/8= 2.25
YTD: 1,107 miles.  Record: 15-17 with a 2.64 GPA.

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