Monday, August 18, 2014

Training 8/18-8/23

I'm using this week as my freebie for the 2nd half.  I'm probably going to the coast this weekend so there will not be a long run and my low dose zinc won't arrive until mid-week.  I'll train this week but nothing will be graded and nothing will be hard.

8/18- AM- I laid off the ADHS for 24 hours and still cannot take the Cal/Mag.  I've also observed that if I don't take the Cal/Mag, I will need more ADHS.  Forced rest day.  All I can do is a possible afternoon junk run.

8/19- My low dose zinc may not arrive until next week so I picked up a bottle at the health food store and cut it in half.  I initially began feeling better but was awful by the end of the work day.  I brought my Cal/Mag to the gym and decided to do intervals.
-I know this will be hard to believe for most of my readers but I swear that it is the truth.
I was honestly trying my best and could manage only a 9:23 for 1 Mile.
-Popped 1 dose of Cal/Mag and was down to 7:42
-Popped a 2nd dose and was down to 5:58.
The zinc did what it was supposed to do, which was increase the demand for Cal/Mag and possibly increase the ceruloplasmin.  I am far from out of the woods however.
3 miles total.  No grade.

8/20- Another roller coaster day.  Took a trace of zinc and found that my ideal Cal/Mag on that dose (approx. 5 mg) is between 500 and 750.  750 was clearly too much so I took another trace of zinc and nearly hit the target on the nose.  3 miles in 18:41 (6:14 pace).  That's right, EIGHTEEN forty one!  That's equivalent to a sub-19:30 5K and I said that I NEARLY hit the target on the nose.  I still felt a little out of sync.  Once again, I've proven that even with sub-par training, I can threaten a PR if I hit the balance right.

8/21- WEAK.  Took 15 mg of zinc and it was too much.  Extra Cal/Mag didn't help and neither did extra ADHS.  Barely able to do the standard issue workout.  5 miles in 39:46 (7:57 pace) with splits of 19:40-20:06.  Learned that many enzyme reactions are zinc dependent and chromium may improve my zinc tolerance.  I REALLY don't want to go down that road again especially with my history of sensitivity to chromium.  Man, I was so happy to get off that stuff.  Perhaps, that threat is the motivation I need to stay off excess sugar for good.  10 mg of zinc with 4 ADHS will give me the same 20:1 zinc/copper ratio as the Thym-Adren.  I am going to the coast tomorrow morning and will probably return Saturday night.

8/22- No running today.  Got up at dawn and got to the coast by 11 AM.  Waves were tame but it was relaxing out there in the water.  Sea water is loaded with minerals so it probably did me some good to absorb some of that.  More than anything else, I needed to clear my head and I was able to discern that my need for zinc has diminished.  MAYBE I can get by on just ADHS and Cal/Mag from now on.  That would be AWESOME but I'm not getting my hopes up at all.  Went to Flora-Bama for an after dinner drink and got to pray with a woman facing breast cancer treatment.

8/23- Took just a trace of zinc this morning and tightened up immediately.  That does it.  I'm off that stuff for good.  If the Cal/Mag intolerance flares up again, I know what to do but I will be VERY ANGRY if I need zinc again.  Here's hoping for a successful workout tomorrow without it.  Today, it was a 1 Mile junk run on the 'mill before breakfast.  Left the beach in late afternoon and got back to the 'Ham by 9:00 with a stop for dinner.

Distance: 12.0.  No GPA.
YTD: 1,119 miles.  Record remains at 15-17 with a 2.64 GPA

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