Monday, October 13, 2014

Training 10/13-10/19 possible race

10/13-  Just another day in the life.
AM- AWFUL! 4 miles in 33:47 (8:27 pace) with splits of 15:15-18:32.  Fortunately, I knew the crash was coming so I turned around early and there was no walk of shame.

PM- Hit the health food store and popped 2 glutathione pills.  That's a sulfur containing amino acid that like taurine is good for chemical sensitivity.  The taurine has been great for Cal/Mag issues but has done nothing for the Zn/Cu.  Felt a difference shortly after taking the pill and hit the gym.  Because I was in flux, I felt a little "weird."  I took off at 6:45 pace and literally could not slow down but at the same time, I knew that pace would not be sustainable for very long.  I ended up passing 2.5 miles in 16:57 (6:47 pace) then stormed home with a 2:47 last 800 (5:34 pace) for an overall time of 19:44 for 3 miles (6:35 avg).  Took 1 ADHS, which caused me to fall apart just a day earlier and felt no significant ill-effects though I will run again this evening.

#3- 2 a day workouts are for suckers!  3 a days are better.
I felt slightly weakened but had no problem with a standard issue workout.  5 miles in 36:02 (7:12 pace).  Slight fade (17:50-18:12) and a bit of stiffness in the legs.  I'm still going with Thym-Adren over ADHS but I'd like to see what a full ADHS dose would do when on the glutathione.  I'm sure that I don't need Vitamin A now.  Do I go with 1 liver pill or 2?
Grade:B+/2 credit/distance=12.0

10/14- I can't believe it.  1 Mile in 8:55.  No comment.  I'll post again tomorrow.
Distance= 1.0

10/15- AM-Took 1 liver and some ADHS and began feeling somewhat better.  Then took the taurine and glutathion and WHAM!  I was awful again.  That answers it.  I cannot take the 2 of those together.  It has to be one or the other.  The taurine was great for the Cal/Mag issues but has done nothing for the Zn/Cu conundrum.  It seems as if I've had to alternate the Thym-Adren (20:1) with the ADHS (10:1) so I've taking 3 of each from now on.  MAYBE, that will do it.

PM- Improvement after flushing my system.  3 miles on Wisteria in 23:54 (7:58 pace).  Had to rally at the end to secure the sub-8 pace but showed surprising life in doing so.  15:1 ratio tomorrow with glutatione and NO taurine.  Cal/Mag will be cut from 750 to 625.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=3.0

10/16- AM 2 miles in 13:40 (6:50 pace) with splits of 6:57-6:43.  YES!  1st day on the 15:1 ratio of Zn/Cu (3 Thym-Adren, 3 ADHS).  I just hope that switching from taurine to glutathione won't affect my Cal/Mag.  Tempo on tap tonight.  If I do decent, I'm going to Kentucky tomorrow.

PM- Plan was to run 3 miles at 10K pace then try to find another gear in Mile 4 before shutting it down.  Came through 3 in a strong 18:54, which is a pretty solid time in itself then indeed I did find another gear with a 6:06 split in Mile 4 for an overall time of 25-flat (6:15 pace).  Strong performance and I still didn't quite feel 100 percent.  The race is a go.  This may hurt me a bit but so what?  It's a hilly course so a PR is unlikely.
Grade:A/2 credit/distance=7.0

10/17- Planned rest day.  Did not feel so good when I woke up and didn't feel good after taking the normal pills but once again, glutathione made a huge difference.  No guarantee of even a decent race tomorrow but it's worth a shot after the nightmare in Nashville last month.  This will be state #9 for the 10K and yes, I will stop at 10.  I found an elevation chart on Map my Run and it is TOUGH.  Gradual hill for the first 1.2 miles then a STEEP climb just after Mile 5.  I plan to leave work at lunch time so I can get there before dark.

10/18- Medical Center 10K in 41:28 (6:40 pace).  Didn't have my best stuff and pills were slightly off but the glutathione did what it was supposed to (prevent a disaster).  Best time of the year and a solid but unspectacular performance.
Grade:B+/3 credit/distance=7.0

10/19- I've been feeling less over-stimulated when I wake up and thus need fewer pills.  I am unsure what to make of that.  I cut the dose down to 4 Thym-Adren + 1 ADHS and felt better than yesterday overall.  Waited until mid-afternoon to run in pleasant 70 degree conditions.  13 miles on Lakeshore in 1:35-flat (7:18 pace).  It was the trail plus extension x 2.  I did have to stop at the john halfway through maybe due to copper dumping.  Felt great through 10 miles but slipped to the 7:30 range over the last 3.  Strong overall.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=13.0

Weekly summary:
Win #19 on the year.  Roller coaster week.  It's looking promising with the glutathione.  I am due for another copper test in 2-3 weeks and a hair test in 4-6 weeks.  Until I get a decent report on both tests, I will not believe that I am healed no matter how well I run.
Distance=43.0/ GPA= 33.7/10= 3.37
YTD: 1,431 miles.  Record: 19-21 with a 2.70 GPA
I need to go 7-3 down the stretch to finish over .500 and need to average 37 MPW to hit 1,800

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