Monday, February 9, 2015

Detox and Prognosis

I know exactly what I need to take to get in balance and have known for 2+ years.  It is Thym-Adren + a 1/1 ratio of Calcium/Magnesium.  The problem is that there have been a number of factors that have prevented me from tolerating the key pills.  My two biggest hurdles have been a congested liver and zinc/copper imbalance.  Both of these have been treated.

I often wonder how I was able to do so well in 2011 and 2012.  Yes, I was able to bring down my tissue sodium but if you had tested my ceruloplasmin, I bet it would have been in the 15-range (ideal is 25+) and my Mag RBC was likely under 4 (ideal is 6+).  In any event, the formula that I had been taking at that time was unsustainable because it contained too much Cal relative to Mag and thus there was no chance to get the adrenal ratio in line.  My best Na/Mg ratio on the HTMA was 30/2, which is still very high and I developed severe sugar sensitivity due to the Mag deficiency.Thym-Adren favors zinc over copper so without taking some Liver Beef, my high Zn/Cu ratio will continue to get worse.  Despite only taking the Liver Beef off and on, my ceruloplasmin came up from 17.9 to 23.0 in just 3 months.  If I can simply maintain it there, I can kiss the copper deficiency goodbye.

  My last Na/Mg test was 111/5 and if I can get that down to 30/5, I'm golden.  I figure that because I've been consistent with the Thym-Adren for the last 3 weeks, my tissue sodium is probably about 90 now and should get down to 30 within 2 months.  I have little doubt that I can maintain the Mag at or near normal.

Over the past week, my system has slowly been rejected the necessary pills.  What is supposed to be helpful  caused severe muscle stiffness, malaise and depression.  The truth is that my liver was too congested as far back as November of last year.  There is no reason why I should have had such a nasty reaction to the Liver Beef because my ceruloplasmin was still sub-optimal at 23.0 and yes, I took plenty of zinc to balance the copper.  Last week, I developed an intolerance to taurine and the last straw came when I had some trouble to Mag+ Thym-Adren.

Detox protocol:
Day 1: 2 servings of epsom salt water
- nasty mix of grapefruit juice and a half cup of extra virgin olive oil.
Day 2:
- 2 more servings of epsom salt water
-lots of trips to the toilet.

Commonly, you will find a lot of pea sized green and tiny tan "stones."  Are these actual gallstones or just a reaction with the olive oil?  I don't know and don't really care.  All I care about is being able to take the pills I need to get in balance.  Yesterday, I got better with an increased Thym-Adren dose and better with the Cal/Mag, which will keep my tissue Na trending down.  I took the taurine before bed without a negative reaction.  I woke up the next morning and tried the Liver Beef.  Again, no negative reaction!  I still have hope.  I will repeat that if this does not turn around by the Spring, I will declare myself semi-retired.  The daily updates will stop.  Mileage will be cut and the out of town races will stop after I hit 25 half marathon states.  I will limit myself to local races with game time decisions based on how I feel.  That would be a very sad day for me but one that I know I must face eventually.  

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