Sunday, February 15, 2015

Training 2/16-2/22

Weather is going to be cold, and/or rainy and windy all week so I anticipate being indoors most of the time.
I've decided to skip the Mercedes 5K because I don't think I'll be competitive.

2/16- AM. VERY POOR.  3 miles in 25:49 (8:36 pace).  Perhaps the SAM-e has not cleared.  I may be overly sensitive to the methyl donors, which accomplishes nothing.  Just trading one sensitivity for another.

PM- WORSE than this morning.  Hell, I ran better when I had the flu last week.  It is becoming increasingly clear that I have indeed TRADED ONE SENSITIVITY FOR ANOTHER!  Tomorrow morning will confirm it.  Covered only 1 mile and my time was over 9.
Grade:D-/1 credit/distance=4.0

Update:  I have ordered the 23 and Me genetic test.  I may not get the results for another 2 months so that changes the plans to shut down the blog.  The training updates will stop after 3/21 however.  It's just been too depressing lately.  It's almost a certainty that something abnormal will show up and highly unlikely that it will be a quick fix.

2/17-AM.  2 miles in 15:28 (7:44 pace).  Big improvement over yesterday afternoon.  Took just a trace of DMG afterwards and I was MUCH worse.  The methyl donors are OUT.  How much do you want to bet that the zinc/copper sensitivity will kick in with a vengeance next week?  I am off caffeine again but that hasn't helped me in the recent past.

PM- Took the afternoon off as planned.  Picked up a B-complex at the health store with methylated Folate and methylated B-12.  I'll wait a couple days before trying it.  The genetic test should arrive by the end of the week.  It's a painless saliva test.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=2.0

2/18- Felt pretty rotten when I woke up and figured that I would have struggled for a sub-8 pace.  Took the Raw Vitamin Code B complex and began feeling better shortly thereafter.  BINGO!
3 miles in 21:23 then popped some B-12 alone and did the same distance in 21:37.  That's not a significant change in pace so figure that the extra B-12 had no real impact one way or another  Good news I suppose.  Took another B-complex and ran another mile at the same effort in 7:09.  Total distance was 7 miles in 50:09 (7:10 pace).  I may salvage a respectable showing in Arizona.  Don't write me off just yet.

This is NO cause for celebration!  I'm not on solid ground with the zinc/copper and I took 3 B-complex today.  How much will I need/tolerate tomorrow?  Your guess is as good as mine.  As for the Bs, I need a specific form the the vitamins.  If I took the synthetic form of folic acid rather than methyl folate, I'd do more harm than good if I am positive on the MTHFR mutation.  Same with B-12, it's got to be the methyl form or I could have a slight build up of cyanide.  I'm going with the Raw B complex.  It's RAW man!
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=7.0

2/19- Felt pretty rotten when I woke up but got better after taking the 1st dose of the B-complex.  Got worse after the 2nd dose.  Attempted a tempo and I knew before the end of the 1st lap that I didn't have it.  Quit after 1 Mile in 7:30.  Took a zinc pill and ran the same distance in 7:24.  Took a liver pill and ran it again in 7:28.  That's not a significant change in pace so the zinc/copper sensitivity is still manageable.

It is clear that something in the B-complex is helpful and something else is harmful.  I did some experiments and determined that it is B-6 that is the problem.  I can take only limited doses of it (no more than 10 mg).  It's becoming increasingly clear that I am an OVER METHYLATOR, not an under methylator.  If that's the case, niacin (B-3) could be helpful.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=3.0

2/20- The excess B-6 may not have fully cleared but I still managed a decent workout today.  Ran the opening Mile in 7:24 then gave Niacin a shot.  Tacked on 4 more in 29:09 (7:17 pace) for an overall time of 36:33 for 5 miles at moderate effort.  Overall impression of the Niacin is that although it was not a miracle cure, it was a net positive impact. Without it, I probably would have slowed to the 7:30s so that is a significant difference.  I did get a pretty hot flush so I will cut the dose in half tomorrow.  Since the B-6 must be restricted, I must take other B-vitamins separately.  After tomorrow's long run, I will see how I react to extra Folate and/or B-2 (Riboflavin)

Rant: My last MD flat out refused to believe that I could not tolerate B-6.  Okay, so WHY DID I FEEL AWFUL WITHIN MINUTES OF TAKING IT?  Then, why did I feel better after it cleared?  I know now that this intolerance is likely due to a genetic defect.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=5.0

2/21- Good call on skipping the 5K because I was AWFUL this morning.  I cannot take the methylated forms of folate and B12.  Why did I have 1 good day on the B-complex?  I don't know but I may be so deficient that even the wrong form helped for a while.  I may still need Folic Acid and/or B-12 but it's got to be the un-methylated form, which means that even Jigsaw Mag may have to be restricted.  I've wasted over $100 this week alone on supplements that won't work.

The workout:  Plan was a long run on Lakeshore and I turned around after a half mile in 4:07 then proceeded to run the back half in 4:19 for an 8:26 finish.  Took some extra methyl B-12 after I got home and got even worse, which confirms my theory.

PM- Another better with or without test.  Did 1 Mile in a blazing 9:16 then popped an un-methylated B-12 and improved to 7:48 with no additional effort.  That's an improvement of nearly 90 seconds for 1 mile all because of 1 freaking pill!  Again, there has got to be some defective enzymes involved here and it's becoming increasing clear that genetic defects are in play.
Grade:E/1 credit/distance=3.0

2/22- Another better with or without test this time with the folic acid.  Ran the opening mile in 7:22 without it.  After taking it, I started off pretty well but faded after the 1st half mile.  Managed a 7:20 2nd mile but was done after that.  Faded to 7:55 in Mile 3 then called it quits.  Overall time was 22:37 for 3 miles (7:32 pace).  Poor performance.  This means that I am likely positive for the MTHFR mutation.
Grade:D+/1 credit/distance=3.0

Weekly summary:
Only 4 weeks until my deadline and it is looking bleak.  I suspect that my increased ceruloplasmin has worsened the over-methylation. If not for the Cp, my zinc/copper imbalance would be far worse however.   Based on what I've seen this week, I can just about guarantee genetic defects.  Is it treatable?  Yes.  Completely reversible?  Seems unlikely.
Distance= 27.0/ GPA= 16.2/8= 2.03
YTD: 229 miles.  Record: 1-5 with a 2.30 GPA

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