Monday, February 2, 2015

Training 2/2-2/8

2/2- AM 3 miles in 23:54 (7:58 pace).  Progress.  Took practically every ounce of energy to rally for the sub-8 overall.  1st full day off the liver.  Back on whole food C but remain off extra zinc.

PM- Same 3 miler but my time is down to 22:48 (7:36 pace).  Even pace and same effort as this morning but I was 66 seconds faster than I was only 10 hours ago.  So what?  That still sucks.  2 years ago, I had a 7 week winning streak snapped and I haven't won more than 3 straight since.  It will take a lot more than this to get my hopes up.
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance=6.0

2/3- Another step forward.  Lakeshore 5 in 37:40 (7:32 pace).  Standard issue.  Effort was slightly less than yesterday and I did beat the pace over 2 additional miles.  I still don't feel anything like the old me and my shin splints have flared up again.  I think I'm going back to zinc.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=5.0

2/4- Forced rest day.  Shin splints are worse.  I am in BIG trouble now.

2/5- Still unable to run.  Probably it's the pills again.  I'd rather be injured and have decent energy.  I believe taurine is the culprit.  That's right.  The same stuff was a life saver back in September.  If I am correct, I should begin to feel improvement by afternoon tomorrow.

2/6- I got some improvement but it wasn't as much as I expected.  4 miles in 31:52 (7:58 pace) with a last mile over 9.  Still in big trouble.  No real issues with my shin but whole body was extremely tight and my weight is up to 165.  I'm using this week as my one freebie.

2/7- Bad to worse.  Cannot run at all.  Zero energy. The more pills I take, the worse I feel. Only a detox can save me now.  If that fails, it's over.
If this does work, I'm detoxing every 3 months.  Perhaps if I had done so in November, I may not have had so many problems since.

2/8- AM- The detox appears to have been successful.  Lots of green and tan stones.  Whether or not I will be able to tolerate the needed pills still remains to be seen.

PM- 1 mile junk run.  Got progressively better after taking more pills.  Dropped 12 pounds in 2 days after the detox.

Distance= 16.0/ YTD: 188

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