Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mutation update

Yet another HORRIBLE week.  Totaled just 11 miles and only 1 of which was at sub-8 pace.

Despite the fact that the customer service from Dr. John, the Health Coach, has been marginal at best, I've decided to bite the bullet and pay the $250 for the full hour consult.  If nothing else, it may prevent me from wasting more money on supplements that don't work.  I will send his assistant my genome and say that I expect him to study my case BEFORE the consult.

Current status:
Once again, the Liver pill is giving me fits.  Just last week, I was getting a nice boost from taking Nutricology's Liver Beef.  I was a good 30 seconds faster per mile than before taking it.  Now, I am AWFUL if I take it and signs point toward going back to the Thym-Adren yet my ceruloplasmin is still almost certainly sub-optimal.  The cycle will repeat itself if changes are not made and the shift will be sudden.  One day, I'll be okay (not good) and the next will be awful despite taking the same pills.  Do I take about a quarter of a Liver pill every day or take a full pill 2x/week?  I want to try the quarter option to achieve more stability.  I know the reason is probably the SOD mutation but it seems that I can't do anything about that until I address the CBS/NOS.

Reaction to CBS/NOS:
 VERY sensitive.  If I take more than about a third of a pill, I won't only have fatigue, malaise and depression.  I'll get headaches and a rash.  Then, about 12 hours after taking it, I'll have a sudden need to defecate and often walk away feeling better. (Tried to be as tasteful as possible).  Supposedly, tolerance will increase with time as it has with the B-12 and All in One.  That's my strategy for the next month.  I'll race the 10K in North Carolina to complete that milestone and don't care at all about my time.  If that fails, it's 4 weeks of inactivity.  Either way, I'm likely OUT for Peachtree.
Then, I will suffer through 2 more half marathons to complete the Half 2 Run challenge;
9/12- Montour Trail in PA (state #24)
10/31- Spinx Run Fest in SC. (state #25)
  If I am not MUCH better by the end of October, I will officially retire from racing but will continue to do light running as tolerated.  At this point, I don't even care about setting PRs or even racing at all.  I just want to solve this awful chemical imbalances and sensitivity.  If I could trade my right leg for freedom from this disease, I would do it and I'm dead serious too!

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