Friday, July 10, 2015

New products and testing

I DESPERATELY need to support the methionine.  I need to know how close I am to being able to tolerate it.

 I have ordered sulfate testing strips from Yasko.  I assume that the values correlate well with taurine.  How does it work?  You have to urinate on a strip of paper, which turns colors based on your level of sulfur.  I don't know what colors are which yet but supposedly, one color is over 1600, then it goes to 1200-1600, which is where I am now.  Then, it keeps going down in increments of 400.  I believe that I need to be in the 400-800 range before starting methyl.  Then, it needs to be continually monitored.

I am also ordered an SHMT spray and more Hydroxy B12.  Not much else to report.  I will add to this later.  SHMT helps convert glycine to serine, which is one of the amino acids in which I am low.

So far so good with the minute dose of the SHMT spray.  The strips arrived and I'm not entirely clear on how to use them but the test strip is 4 pink squares which turn orange if the sulfate levels exceed a certain point.
If all 4 squares change, you are over 1600 then it goes down in increments of 400.

I have tested several times above 1600 but word on the street is that it must be tested throughout the day to get an accurate picture.  At the end of the day, I really don't care what my result is so long as I can tolerate the methyl donors that I desperately need.

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