Friday, July 31, 2015

Final Zinc and Ceruloplasmin Test

I wanted bad news to get an explanation as to why I feel like this.  Nope.  The result is surprisingly GOOD, which is actually somewhat disappointing to me.
Here are the numbers:
Ceruloplasmin- 25.9 (plus 2.9)
Zinc- 115 (plus 47)- SHOCKER.
I did not test total copper and am not concerned about my bound/unbound percentage.

I boosted the ceruloplasmin without taking the Liver Beef glandular.  Earlier in the year, I had been taking it 1-2x/week.  However, since starting on the methylation treatments in late March-early April, I have been off it completely.  I posed the following question to Health Coach 7: Can hydroxy B-12 raise copper/Cp or at least prevent loss?  He never answered but I found out myself.  My theory was correct.  B-12 supplementation apparently is helpful for copper deficiency.  I hoped to eventually boost my ceruloplasmin to 25.0, which is the low end of the optimal range and I've done it with 0.9 units to spare.  I was very pleased with this number.

Zinc: Since zinc and copper are direct antagonists of each other, I expected that my rise in copper would be accompanied by a DROP in zinc.  Instead, the opposite has occurred.  The optimal range for zinc is 100-130 so mine is PERFECT.  What accounts for this rise?  Stopping the Liver Beef, no doubt.  Health Coach did advise against me taking it and at least this once, he was right.  Liver Beef contains not only copper but also significant amounts of Vitamin A and Iron, which is known to suppress zinc.  Why did I feel better after taking zinc?  Probably the sulfur toxicity.  I may be able to continue taking it but the dose must be low. 

In any event, I pronounce myself cured of zinc/copper dysregulation.  I should be feeling better but I am not!

It is clear to me that the sulfur toxicity MUST be dealt with but I have literally tried everything with no success.  Where to go from here?
I really don't know.  Perhaps there is a chance that zinc alone without the TMG will better allow me to tolerate the ADHS but that seems unlikely.  I could re-order the Sparga but keep the dosage low. 

I have made an appointment to get my dental amalgams removed in mid-September just after my Pennsylvania half marathon but it seems unlikely that it will make much difference.  I have only 3 amalgam fillings and only 2 teeth are affected so if there is a mercury toxicity, it is likely not very significant.  My friend Carrie has 13 and stands to benefit a lot more than I do.

 I did think of 2 important points about mercury toxicity.  First, according to my hair test, I am a very poor eliminator of toxic metals so even if my mouth is not loaded with it, damage is still possible.  Second, as I have stated previously, a HIGH cysteine and LOW methionine is a strong indicator of mercury toxicity.  In my case, both are LOW but cysteine is high RELATIVE to methionine.  Just like calcium and magnesium on a hair test.  Both may read high but if your Mag is low RELATIVE to Cal, a deficiency is likely.  I said before that this was an option of near last resort but there are few if any other viable alternatives.

The current plan is to continue "training" as best as I can for the next 3 months.  If those last 2 half marathons take 3 hours each, SO WHAT!  The Half2Run Challenge will be done come hell or high water.  I still could get lucky with a 1:45-1:50 if I hit a window of decent energy.    I am 3 months away from my deadline.  If it doesn't turn around by then, I'm taking 2 months of inactivity and then I will become a casual jogger.  The blog will stay up but I will be posting very infrequently and the training updates will be gone for good.

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