Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sparga/Additional tests

This week has been HORRIBLE thus far.  I barely made 3 @ sub-8 pace on Monday and failed the last 2 days.  Sparga is the culprit.   It's a product that is related to asparagus in concentrated liquid form that is simply added to a cup of water to make it nearly tasteless.  Supposedly, it can clear a CBS mutation in about 3 months and usually is not necessary to take for life.

 I've been on this stuff for about 6 weeks but have been very aggressive with the dose.  It calls for 8-10 drops but also says that it can be taken 2-3 times per day.  I've been taking it twice a day for about a month.  It was the only sulfur detox treatment that I had been able to tolerate for any length of time.  I did one better with or without test on it and found that my speed was nearly identical either way.  It was not this Monday night that I recognized that I became MUCH stiffer after my evening dosage and a 2nd dose confirmed it.  It is possible that I am releasing sulfur that was trapped in organ as was the case with copper last year.  If that's true, I will get better eventually but it takes time and I have lost patience.

The only good news is that it seems that I CAN tolerate TMG, which produces methionine (I tested at 2 vs a reference range of 7-35).  If I'm bold, I may try adding some methionine itself along with cysteine.  I'm still taking a little extra Cal/Mag and B-12 with no problem.  Extra zinc could be an option.

I need to do another zinc/ceruloplasmin test.  A big question that I had is whether or not B-12 can raise copper and Cp.  Health Coach 7 NEVER answered.  Again, go with Yasko instead!  I'll find out myself by next week.

I'll hold off on the free UAA re-test until mid-late August.  I want to see improvements in my taurine and methionine more than anything else.

I see the dentist next week for a cleaning.  I'm not going to rush into getting amalgams removed but it remains an option to consider.

I have signed up for the Montour Trail half marathon (PA) on 9/12 and it's gonna suck!
I will sign up for Greenville half (SC) on 10/31 shortly, which finishes the Half2Run challenge.
The time limit for both races is 3.5 hours (16 minute pace) so even if I have to walk most of it, finishing is a pretty safe bet no matter how terrible I feel.
The end of October will be my deadline.  I'm semi-retired now but if I have not made significant steady progress by then, it's time to hang it up officially .

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