Thursday, July 16, 2015

Training 7/13-7/19

Another faint glimmer of hope recently.  Since receiving the UAA results, I have been VERY aggressive with the Sparga and have upped my Cal in an attempt to control my sulfur toxicity.  Since then, it appears that my tolerance to methyl donors has improved.

7/13- AM- Went off ADHS and had a good morning session.  2 miles in 13:50 with an even pace.
PM- Magic wore off.  Time was up to 16:40 over the same distance.

7/14- No attempt to run.  Took half a TMG (methyl) and seemed to tolerate it well.

7/15- Trak Shak 3 in about 22:30 (7:30 pace).  I was working at the end but was able to keep it fairly even.  Caught in rain in Mile 3 but fortunately no lightning.  ADHS dose has been upped to 3.

7/16- Took a full methyl pill and tolerated 5 ADHS.  Came through 3 mile in 21:43 but was fading (7:25 3rd mile) after a pair of 7:09s to start.  Popped a 6th pill and was able to do another 2 in 14:41 for an overall time of 36:24 (7:17 pace) for 5 miles minus the stop.

7/17- Steamy 3 on Wisteria in 23:24 (7:48 pace).  Not bad but was hoping for better.  Pace slipped to the 8:00 range on the up side.

7/18- BAD.  Hoping for 7 at the BTC group run.  I had to stop at 2 in 15:47 then walked for a bit then worked hard for an 8:07 in Mile 3.  This breaks a string of 3 straight non-horrible days.

7/19- BAD to worse.  Came through 1 Mile in 7:50 then collapsed and slow jogged the next mile.

BLEAK.  I'm shutting down the training log until further notice.  Only 8 weeks until my next half marathon.  Looking like a time in the neighborhood of 3 hours is to be expected.

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