Monday, July 27, 2015

Training 7/23-8/2

7/23- First full day off the Sparga was no sudden miracle.  Workout was a 1 Mile time trial at Gold's in a time of 7:49.  I was better than yesterday however and I managed fairly even splits though the sub-8 was in doubt until the final lap. First day back on the TMG, which is intended to improve methionine, which I am SEVERELY deficient and I have a strong feeling that this deficiency is responsible for the instability.

7/24- AM- Maybe another faint glimmer of hope.  On the 2nd full day off the Sparga, I improved by 40 seconds to 7:09 with splits of 3:33-3:36.  Clearly had more energy but legs remain very stiff and sore for no good reason.

PM- Lakeshore 2.5 in tough humid conditions.  Finished with a moving time of 18:49 (7:32 pace) but did stop to squat and get a drink at the halfway point.

7/25- BTC group run.  I only planned on 5 so I had to ditch the group in Mile 3 to take the cutoff route back.  Finished a hilly route in a time of 38:40 (7:44 pace).  Struggled a bit in the last 2 miles but managed to keep it under 8 all the way.

7/26- AM.  Vestavia Mile trial.  I was hoping for a sub-6:30 and managed a 6:15 with good splits (93-96-96-90).  That's minus 53 in the last 2 days and minus 93 in the last 3.  How I wish it was this easy to improve in the 5s.

PM- Interesting better with or without test this time with the TMG.  2 miles at Gold's in 14:50 then popped a pill and ran the next 2 in 14:40.  Felt only a slight difference in energy with the extra pill but 5 ticks per mile is not enough to be considered significant. Had to squat again but that's probably detox.  Good thing I was indoors. Overall time was 29:30 for 4 miles (7:23 pace).  Totaled 23 miles on the week.
7/27- Gold's 3 in 21:54 (7:18 pace).  Performance was similar to yesterday but did feel a bit more loose in the legs.  A 5K would have been in the mid-22s but I was not going all out.  I'm planning on trying another Mile tomorrow and think I have a chance at a sub-6:00.  My best time since starting the methylation support is only a 6:12. 

Update:  I have ordered another lab test.  This time I will test only zinc and ceruloplasmin.  I'm not worried about unbound copper.  The test will reveal what, if any effect B-12 has on Cp.  I have not tried Liver recently but doubt that I can tolerate it.  If I need zinc, which is possible, I should be able to tolerate it now that my methylation has improved.  I want to try methionine and cysteine soon but as long as I am improving, I'm sticking with the current formula.  That said, I could collapse tomorrow.  4 straight non-horrible days is one of my longest streaks of the year.

7/28- The collapse did indeed come today.  Spain Park Mile in 7:50.  Splits were 1:36-2:00-2:13-2:01 and needed a rally just to secure a sub-8.  Heavy and slow from the start and the power cut off completely after just 200 meters.  TMG (methylation) is the culprit yet I desperately need it.  Catch 22.  I'm hoping to see a severe zinc deficit on my lab test.  Methionine and cysteine are OUT!  I may need to go back on Sparga at a lower dose.

PM- Better with or without test with zinc on Wisteria.  Ran the first HALF mile downhill in 5:30 (11:00 pace) after getting worse with more TMG.  Popped a zinc pill and immediately improved to 4:20 (8:40 pace) going uphill.  Lab test is tomorrow.

7/29- Worked only a half day but the afternoon included a trip to the denty for a cleaning.  I've made an appointment to get my amalgams out in late September.  From there, it was to the lab for the zinc and ceruloplasmin blood test.
Trak Shak 3 in 23:51 (7:57 pace).  A non-horrible day but just barely.  I didn't have much more to give but the zinc most definitely made a difference.  Splits were 7:47-8:03-8:01.

7/30- 3 miles at Gold's in 23:00 (7:40 pace).  It was a zinc test.  Passed 1.5 in 11:49, which was almost exactly the same as yesterday then popped 1 more zinc and finished with an 11:11 (7:27 pace vs 7:53 in the fist half).  That's not a radical difference but it IS enough to be considered significant.  I should get the blood test back tomorrow.  As it stands, I need the ADHS or else my Na and K will go through the roof but I cannot take it without TMG.  I cannot tolerate TMG without zinc.  IT SUCKS TO BE ME!

7/31- BAD!  No attempt to run, which is a shame because it's cooler and less humid today.  I cannot take a whole TMG even with the extra zinc.  Without any TMG, I probably cannot tolerate the ADHS.

8/1-BTC social run was a complete disaster.  1 Mile in 9:26.  I am now completely intolerant to TMG.  I'm going to order Sparga again but doubt that it will work.

8/2- Very modest improvement to 8:22 on Wisteria.

I'm beginning to think that dental amalgam removal is my only remaining option.  There are risks involved and I intend to fully question the denty and get Yasko's opinion.  Yes, there is a risk that I will get worse but at this point, it's a risk that I am willing to take.  Although I get an occasional 3 day window in which I do a little better, the overall trend has been sharply downhill.  I am FAR worse now than I was just 2 months ago when I was preparing for the Asheville 10K.  I will make another attempt to go completely sugar free and will give the Sparga another try.

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