Friday, August 7, 2015

CBS or SUOX mutation

Running update:
8/6- AM.  1 mile on Wisteria in 9:30 with splits of 4:22-5:08.
8/6-PM.  Took 2 drops of the new SUOX product and felt better immediately.  Hit Gold’s for 2 miles in 15:46 (7:53 pace).  Splits were 7:50-7:56.
8/7-AM.  After a 2nd dose.  Gold’s 3 in 22:52 (7:37 pace).  Splits were 7:37-7:41-7:34
8/8- BTC group run.  I was shooting for 7 @ 8:00 pace.  Made it through 5 on target then collapsed.  Finished with 6 in 48:42 (8:07 pace) in humid conditions (72 dewpoint)

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know that such dramatic improvements are not unusual for me but I could collapse again tomorrow.  I will not even allow my hopes to rise until I make it at least 2 weeks without a collapse.  I was hoping for a bit more improvement between the 1st and 2nd dose.  It would be ugly but I could finish a half marathon now.  Yesterday morning?  Even with a 3.5 hour time limit, I’m not sure. 

CBS mutation:
I know that I have it because my genome shows it but I have no homozygous mutations on any SNPs.  Rather, I am compound hetero, which indicates that the key enzyme is about 50% defective.  Homozygous cases can have upwards of a 70% defect.   I have tried everything for CBS defect including:
CBS RNA drops
CBS/NOS caps

Most failed within 2-3 days even at miniscule doses.  Only the Sparga worked for about a month before it failed abruptly.   That left me with the question that while I am certainly intolerant to sulfur containing amino acids, is CBS the problem?   I am beginning to think that the answer is NO.  Typically with CBS issues, Taurine and Ammonia will be sky high on a Urinary Amino Acids Test.  In my case, taurine was just a hair above the reference range.  That may have been due more to my history of supplementation than the CBS upregulation.  Ammonia was higher than average but well within the range. 

23andme does not test key SUOX SNPs so I am unsure where I stand in that regard.  I do know that with this enzyme defect, the ability to metabolize sulfur is severely compromised and it can lead to deficiencies in ATP and well as cysteine and methionine.  The latter 2 are critical for the methylation cycle but I cannot support them because doing so will worsen my sulfur burden.  What were my test results?  Cysteine was low and Methionine was SEVERE low.  If Yasko’s test strips are accurate, my sulfur burden is extreme high.  That’s certainly strong evidence of a problem with the SUOX enzyme.  Did the CBS treatments somehow worsen the SUOX?   Can the new product bring relief?  Time will tell. 

Amalgam removal:
I’ve decided to hold off on it and have cancelled the appointment with the local denty who never did call to confirm that he is certified under the safety protocol.  If I am to get it done, it will be in Atlanta or Dothan and not until the SUOX option has been fully explored.  Yasko gave me another 3 free tests (God bless her) though I think only 1 of them will be useful.  It is a urine test that determines your toxic metal burden, which includes mercury.  If mercury tests low, amalgam removal is likely unnecessary. 

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