Monday, August 3, 2015

2nd Thoughts about Amalgam Removal/SUOX mutation?

Last weekend was HORRIBLE and today is even worse.  I barely made it through the day at work and if I wasn't on phone duty this week, I may have called in sick.  Obviously, I cannot go on like this.  Although I do get an occasional window of decent energy levels, the overall trend has been sharply downhill.  If I don't do anything about it, I believe that I will be worse in 3 months when it's time for my last race.  I've tried everything.  What more can I do?

More thoughts on the amalgam removal:
This will be a tough decision to make.  Some days, I'm sure that I want to get it done.  Other times, I'm scared by the risks.  I've heard so many conflicting stories.  Some describe it as a life saver while others become even sicker as undergoing the procedure.  I heard about a woman who had been very athletic and active who gradually got to the point in which she could not do anything anymore.  Sound familiar?  She got her life back after the procedure

On the other hand, Morley Robbins, a well respected hair test naturopath, warned me that some of his sickest patients are those who have had amalgam removal and have traced their downturn to that procedure.  The key is to find somebody who is very skilled and trained under the Hal Huggins protocol.  Even if they are skilled, success is not guaranteed.  The risk is that the amalgam could break and thus spill toxic mercury into the rest of your tissues and leave you with other problems and even worsen your fatigue.  As bad as I am right now, I can't possibly get any worse right?  Wrong.  Even if I can't run anymore, at least I can work and live independently.  If I suffer a brutal downturn, the worst case scenario is possible.

I am unsure if my local denty is trained to use the Hal Huggins safety protocol and since there was no mention of it on his website, I must assume that he is not.  I called his office and asked that question specifically and he has yet to respond.  I am suddenly awfully leery about this procedure especially from him.  I cannot undo it once it's done.

Again, I cannot accept the status-quo and be miserable more often than not. I have no life at all outside of work and you could say that I am existing rather than living. If I have truly exhausted every option and continue to get worse, then it's a risk that I am going to have to take.  
If I am committed to going through with it, I have 3 options:

1).  Get it done with the local denty.  I have only 3 amalgams on 2 teeth so with fewer of them to remove, my risk of complications is a bit lower and I could get it done no later than mid-September, possibly earlier.  It was a good call not to rush into it.
2), Get it done with somebody else out of town.  There is a denty in Dothan and another in Atlanta that are most definitely trained under the safety protocol.  I'll have to read up on each of them but a 2.5-3 hour drive is not much of a factor.Waiting list and multiple consults could be a factor and the cost will be considerable as well.  Another denty may be able to measure my mercury burden, which the local guy has not done.
3).  Pull the tooth with the double amalgam.  Most people will shoot down that idea quickly but hear me out.  It's on the end and above another extracted tooth so I won't miss it and it won't affect my smile at all.  I will eliminate 2/3 of the mercury in my mouth without any risk of complications.
If I don't improve, I won't bother with the last amalgam.

How sure am I that mercury toxicity is the source of all my troubles?  Not completely.  The more likely thorn is sulfur toxicity but that may be at least partly related to mercury.  It is known that mercury can mess up methylation, which I am severely deficient.

Final option:
My genetic test from 23andme did not test key SNPs for the SUOX mutaion, which along with CBS and NOS are responsible for sulfur metabolism.  I have no official documented test for sulfur toxicity except for a mildly elevated taurine level, which may be due to a history of supplementation.  That said, I am nearly 100% sure that I have the gene and the enzyme deficiency.  I cannot tolerate any sulfur containing amino acids despite the fact that my UAA test shows that I badly need them.  Test strips from Yasko show sulfate levels in the highest range (over 1600).  Can I do anything else that I haven't already tried?  Fortunately, the answer is yes.  Yasko has 2 products specifically for SUOX.  One is a pill and the other is a liquid dropper.    I have ordered them both in addition to Sparga.  I'll know within a few weeks if it is working and my decision will be delayed until then.

I will welcome any comments and advice.

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