Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Training 8/17-8/23

8/17- I know for sure now that the Methionine is a NO at least for now.  I do believe that the SUOX drops and the TMG will work for me.  Did 1.5 at Gold's in a time of 12:22 (8:15 pace).  Passed 1 mile fading in 7:42 then popped the forbidden pill and slipped to a 4:40 (9:20 pace) and bagged it.
Distance= 1.5

8/18- AM- Bumped the SUOX up to 3 drops and the TMG up to 2 pills and ran the same distance also at Gold's in a time of 9:30 (6:20 pace) for an impressive MINUS 2:52 overall (1:55/mile).  In a mile time trial, I believe I would have been faster than the 6:09 last week but just short of breaking 6.  Maybe I will try tomorrow but with a half marathon in 3.5 weeks, I need to get my distance up if I am to finish with a non-disaster.

PM- Felt just a hair off on 2 TMG so I tried a 3rd and it was a mistake.  No attempt to run this evening.  There is a CHANCE that the SUOX will solve my sensitivity to TMG.

8/19- 1 Mile in 8:45.  That's a failure for today.  I thought that the TMG would allow me to take as many drops as I want.  WRONG!  4 drops was a disaster.  It's got to be 2-3 with 2 TMG.  I've had to pee a lot and felt a little better afterwards every time.  It's got to be detox.  I need to get up to 6 drops but that's not going to happen for a while  The only other thing that I am considering is Methyl-Force from Yasko but that will likely wait until after the next race.

8/20- Not much better.  Endured 3 miles at Gold's in 25:51 (8:37 pace).

8/21- AWFUL!  Did not even attempt a workout.  ADHS is the culprit.

8/22- Same formula as my good day on Tuesday.  It allowed me to run 1.5 @ 6:20 but today, I managed only 1 mile in 7:58 and needed a downhill finish to break 8.  BLEAK!

PM- Little better.  3 miles at Gold's in 23:29 (7:50 pace) with splits of 7:44-7:56-7:49.  I am going to detox tonight.  Little to gain but nothing to lose.

8/23- AWFUL!  This time I DID tolerate ADHS but not the TMG.  I did detox last night but did not pass many stones and don't think it was very effective.  Passed 1 mile in 8:02 then died and it was so bad in Mile 2 that I didn't want to know.

I am now 3 weeks out from Pennsylvania and 10 out from South Carolina.  Looking bleak,  I'm going to try 3 drops of SUOX and a new nucleotide product called ACE for sodium retention.  It's looking more and more like I will be an ex-runner come November.

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