Monday, August 24, 2015

Training 8/24-8/30 (Off the B-12)

8/24- Day 1 and did improve a bit as the day progressed.  Wisteria 2 mile in 15:46 (7:53 pace).  Splits were 7:50-7:56 so I held the pace well on the up side.  I should be noticeably better by tomorrow morning.

8/25- AM- Struggled this session.  1 Mile at Vestavia in 7:57 and had to work to secure the sub-8 but I don't think I would have collapsed in Mile 2.  It has become clear that the TMG is needed.  Why?  The smart money is on the SUOX drops opening up the methylation pathway.

PM- Spain Park 3 in 22:21 (7:27 pace).  Pretty decent splits too (7:21-7:32-7:28).Wisteria is probably about 10 seconds slower than on a track so figure that my pace was 15 seconds faster over an extra mile.  This is only the 2nd day and I did nothing different.  I'll take it.  New stuff will arrive tomorrow but the only thing that I will try is the Methionine drops.  Maybe next week, I will try to go back on Thym-Adren. Faint glimmer of hope.

8/26- AM.  Another Vestavia Mile.  This time I was down to 6:22 but was not pleased with how I felt.  Faded badly (3:04-3:18) and my last lap was my slowest, which never happens with me.  I did increase the TMG from 1 pill to 1.5 and I'm going back to 1 tomorrow.

PM- Trak Shak 5 on a beautiful evening.  Finished in a solid 36:56 (7:23 pace) though I did fade a bit at the end (18:06-18:50).  The new stuff did arrive and I took just 1 drop of the methionine.  Too soon to say if it's helpful but it clearly didn't hurt.  I beat yesterday's pace while adding 2 additional miles.

8/27- Methionine drops FAILED.  Just 2 drops caused a collapse.  ACE drops also hurt.  I may try the latter again but for now, it's on the shelf.  I've read that methionine is B-12 dependent but the preferred form is methyl B-12 which is a BIG no no for me.  Maybe, I will try Methyl B-12 in drop form but not for a while.  I fell off pace after just 100 meters and just jogged the rest of the mile naked.  No panic.  I should get at least some clearance tomorrow.

8/28- 2 mile quickie at Gold's in 13:52 (6:56 pace).  Tempo effort and not sure if I had another mile in me at that pace but I think I could have beaten Wednesday's 5 miler.  Took just a trace of methyl B-12 with no ill-effects.  No excuses tomorrow.  I NEED a double digit run no matter how slow it is.  NO walk of shame.  I am just 2 weeks out from race day.

8/29- SUCCESS.  Trak Shak 10 mile with the group though I pretty much did my own thing.  Finished in 81:22 (8:08 pace).  Pacing was fairly even with nothing much over 8:30.  This projects to a half mary in about 1:46-1:47.  Given cooler and less humid conditions and less hills, it's plausible that I could go under 1:45 in 2 weeks.  Of course, it all depends on the pills.

8/30- FAILURE but it was not a surprise.  I had been taking just a trace of methyl B-12 and today I took a whole pill, which ended in disaster.  Just a naked mile on Wisteria.

Weekly summary:
Overall, one of my better weeks of the year.  Managed 25 miles with 5 out of 7 non-horrible days.  I will be doing some experimentation next week.  I want to try Sparga one last time as well as Thym-Adren and possible PEA, which was low on my UAA test.  I am going to do a hair test through a different lab because it is best to rule out mercury toxicity and lithium deficiency.

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