Sunday, August 9, 2015

Training 8/9-8/16 (SUOX updates)

8/9- Had a bit of a rough afternoon yesterday after an extra dose so I laid off it last night and was pleased with the result today.  Gold's 5 in 37:19 (7:28 pace).  Splits were 18:25-18:54 so yes, I faded but I could have kept going for another few miles.  If I raced a half mary today, I likely would have been in the low 1:50s with Gallowalking in the last 5K.  I've still got 5 weeks until race day.  As for the SUOX treatment, I need to go low and slow.  No more than 2 drops at night for now and no action at all with methylation for another few weeks.

8/10- Lakeshore 5 in 39:35 (7:55 pace).  Not horrible but a bit of a downer after yesterday's step forward.  Ran with a group of college runners who had an easy session so I felt out of place.  Passed 3 in 23-flat (7:40) then slipped to a 16:35 (8:17) for the last 2 and didn't have much left in the tank when I finished.  I took Sparga yesterday afternoon and reacted badly to it so I'm done with that stuff.  I believe the culprit today was too much SUOX (3 drops last night).  I going down to 1 from now on.  The jury is still out.  I had to start out LOW on both the All in One and B-12 but now I can take as much as I want/need.  Not surprisingly, I reacted badly to half a TMG pill (too much methylation).  Tomorrow will be a big day.  Planning either a Mile time trial or an indoor tempo if it rains.

8/11-Opted for a tempo at Gold's.  Finished 3 miles in 21:54 (7:18 pace).  5th straight non-horrible day but I should be progressing faster than this.  If I had kept going, I would have been hard pressed to beat my 5 miler from 2 days ago.  Took 2 drops last night.  Here's what I predict will happen:
I will be better tomorrow morning after laying off it tonight but if I stay off, I will revert back to 9 minute miles within 3-5 days.  I may have to alternate days for a couple weeks until I can tolerate more.  That means a long road ahead.  I'm okay with that so long as the road is not a dead end and progress is relatively steady.  I plan to run in the morning tomorrow then take another dose after that.

8/12- Made it 6 in a row but it was downer.  Group run on Lakeshore and called it quits after 3 miles in 23:45 (7:55 pace).  Turned around early to avoid the walk of shame.  I was pushing pretty much all out and just could not get the pace much below 8.  To my credit, I was able to hold it there and actually managed a slight negative split (11:56-11:49).  Again, I believe I could have finished a half marathon today but would have struggled for a sub-2.

SUOX: Woke up in the morning and knew that I was way off after not taking it last night.  Took 1 drop and felt better but 2 drops were too much.  A 3rd drop after I got home made it worse.  I HATE this sensitivity but it's just the way it is right now.  The alternative is to accept defeat.  My tolerance should improve in time  and it is comforting to know that I have found something helpful.  If I can make it 7 tomorrow, it will be a big boost.

8/13- AM- Took ZERO drops last night and was probably as close to equilibrium as I get this morning.  Vestavia Mile time trial in 6:09.6 (89-95-96-89).  I was hoping for 10 seconds faster but this is still my fastest time since starting the methylation treatment (I did a 5:48 earlier in the year).  At my peak, I was ripping off 96 second laps for a full 10K and this time is 54 seconds from my goal.  At least I am within a minute/mile.  I might try again this afternoon but I predict that I will begin to deteriorate after another half day without a drop.

PM- Started fading before lunchtime today so no attempt to run this afternoon.  This still counts as 7 in a row.  A key question has been answered.  I need to SUOX drops every day.  3 dosage options remain: 1 drop, 2 at night or 2 in divided doses.
-2 at night yielded the 21:54 3 mile.  I'll see if I can do better on the other options.  Again, I hope to increase the dose over time.
Distance= 1.5
8/14- Took only 1 drop last night and it clearly was NOT enough.  I'm nearly positive that the best formula right now is 2 drop at night and hope to eventually bump it up to 4-6.  The sooner I can do that, the sooner I will be able to tolerate methyl.
- 1 Mile at Vestavia and slipped to 6:56 with splits of 3:23-3:33.  I'm unsure if I could have done sub-8 for 3 miles so I can't count it as non-horrible but I don't consider it a real attempt either so the streak is still alive.
Distance= 1,0
8/15- BAFA day.  3 miles with the BTC in a time of 28:54 (9:38 pace).  That's a failure for today.  Held the pace with the group for just 1.2 miles then died.  Funny thing is that I didn't feel half bad when I woke up but got much worse after taking my normal ADHS.  I will try some methylation but if that doesn't work, the ADHS must be cut.  I don't understand that because it's a modulator.  Extra pills should not hurt.

PM- 3 miles again this time at Gold's.  Took a half pill of TMG and my time was all the way down to 23:15 (7:45 pace) with fairly even splits.  That's right.  I was MINUS 5:39 all because of a HALF PILL.  This is nothing new for me.  Tomorrow, I will first attempt to reduce the ADHS and if that does not work, it's back on the TMG.  If the SUOX drops have opened the methylation pathway, it would be EXCELLENT news.  If I cannot tolerate it, I'm in BIG trouble yet again.
Distance= 6.0
8/16- Run #1- Cut the ADHS down to 3 pills and was worse.  Yesterday, I was able to hold the pace for a mile.  Today, I could not even do that.  Wisteria Mile in 9:38 (4:46-4:52).  Took some TMG and am fixin' to go back out right now.

Run #2- Added nearly a full TMG pill and was down to 14:46 for 2 miles (7:23 pace) this time at Vestavia.  I was MINUS 2:15/mile, which is a greater improvement than yesterday.  I am going to test out Methionine now.

Run #3- Gold's 3 mile in 20:52 (6:57 pace), which is MINUS 26 over an extra mile.  Started strong with a 6:44 opening mile then had to hang on for the sub-7 pace overall.  I did pass the test but am a little uneasy about Methionine going forward.  It seems like I am getting worse as the pill fully kicks in.  If I am to take it, it will be minuscule amounts.  I feel better about the TMG.  I am not trying the cysteine.
Distance= 6.0

Weekly total= 31 miles

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