Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Early response to Sulfur Detox Products

In the days since completing the Half 2 Run Challenge, the sadness has diminished and I am feeling more proud of my accomplishment.  However, I credit my improved mood to a shift in chemistry rather than what happened in my external environment.  Since I got back last Saturday night, I have tried 4 treatments that failed in the past.  My hope was that the failure was due to the mal-absorption issue and now that I am taking the FOS and probiotics, my tolerance should improve.

The verdict:
B-12 and Lithium are just as bad as they ever were.  No big surprise given the blood test results.  I must confess that I did binge on caffeine after the race and that may have hurt me.  I'll try again this weekend.

Sparga and Yucca-Both of these cause an immediate negative reaction to just a trace every time prior to taking the FOS.  Now, it appears that I can tolerate BOTH provided that the dose is relatively low.  The plan calls for 10 drops twice a day.  I'm doing 5 drops once a day.  This stuff is supposed to slow down the adrenals indirectly by reducing the sulfate.  Strangely, I have felt over-stimulated with a bit of unexplained anxiety.  I had a case of the shakes today at work.  I expect that I will calm down eventually.  Still, feeling "wired" is HIGHLY preferable to the flu-like malaise that I've had most of the year.

The last 2 days have been slightly better but not so much that it's considered significant.
Tu- Johnny's workout.  2x800 in 3:05, 4x400 in 84.  5:52 overall pace with generous rest.
W- Lakeshore 5 in 38:54 (7:47 pace) with moderate effort.
That's okay.  As I've said many times, I want to see a gradual climb out of this hole.  Getting it all back only to lose it a few days later is psychological torture.  Even if my half marathon pace improves by just 3 seconds per week, that's a 6 minute improvement in just 10 weeks.

I was toying with the idea of running Vulcan this weekend.  I figure I'm good for a time around 50 minutes, which would be a post-35 PR but I've decided against it.  I still don't want to answer all the "what's wrong?" questions from the locals.  I may run the Turkey Burner 5K on 11/20 in Monty to see my friend Susi.  I would hope to see noticeable improvement by then.

A couple of people have told me to shoot for 50 half marathon states.  If by some miracle, I recover my health, there are at least 5-6 on my list that I would like to do and I could see myself hitting 35 before it's over.  I suppose that once I hit 40, I've got to go all the way.  It will be hard to justify a plane ticket to a rather remote area without tourist attractions nearby.   I would like to do more international events rather than 50 states.

Once again, this is NOT about running fast again.  It is about having a chance to enjoy life.
Still no word from Yasko but there will be no panic if it's bad (which it will be).  

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