Monday, November 23, 2015

Training 11/23-11/29

11/23- Gold's 3 in 23:54 (7:58 pace).  Just barely finished below the Mendoza line and had to rally in the last 3 laps to do it.  I won't call this a collapse but I really feel like I've slipped in the last 5 days.  Fortunately, there is an explanation.  I tried Lithium and B12 again yesterday evening.  I thought maybe it was the orotate form of Lithium that I could not tolerate.  It turns out that any form is bad.  B12 still won't work either.  It simply hadn't cleared yet so no big deal.  I should be better tomorrow.

11/24- Repeat of yesterday and my time was down to 23:08 (7:43 pace).  Splits were more even and this was significantly better than the previous day but not even close to the "new normal."  I did take ill-advised zinc and methionine last night.  It appears that the MTRR nucleotide product is a non-factor at best so I will likely have to be content with gradual improvement with Sparga.  Concern, panic or doom?  I'm at concern now.  If I'm still struggling around Christmas, it upgrades to panic.

11/25- It may be time to panic now.  Collapsed after just 1 mile on Lakeshore and turned around.  My heart wasn't into it because I was about to leave to visit my parents and too much FOS and caffeine are hurting me.  Hopefully, I can take a mulligan on this one.

11/26- Surprisingly good Thanksgiving Run on Peter's Trail.  Finished a 5 mile out and back route in a time of 36:30 (7:18 pace).  Loose and overstimulated.  Did not want to slow down.  Too much FOS was the culprit yesterday.  Back to concern now.  No longer in panic.  Splits were 17:58-18:32 and I was working pretty hard to hold the pace at the end but the route was slightly sloped with a lot more incline on the back half.  Pace was more even than the splits suggest.

11/27- 4 mile out and back route on the same trail and it was a struggle today.  Finished in 30:42 (7:40 pace), which is still respectable but I really did not feel well.  Splits were 14:58-15:44 and I had to work hard to keep the pace under 8.  Worse yet, my foot ankle area is killing me and I'm actually walking with a limp.  Possible injury but the rest of me is also very stiff and sore.

11/28- Planned rest day and I was in no condition to run.  Trip back went without a hitch.  I'll know tomorrow whether or not this is an injury or simply more abnormal soreness due to chemical issues.  I suspect Sparga to be the culprit.

11/29- NOT injured.  I've dodged a bullet.  I was actually walking with a limp yesterday and could not run a step.  Similar things have happened before.  This once again underscores just how much difference it makes to have the pills in line but what worked as recently as 3 days ago does not work today.  The workout was awful.  2 miles at Vestavia in 17:51 (8:55 pace) but more importantly, there was ZERO pain in the foot.

Weekly summary:
I am still cautiously optimistic but changes definitely need to be made going forward.

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