Sunday, November 15, 2015

Training 11/16-11/22 (race week)

The plan this week is to drop the mileage back down to the 30-35 range with a mini-taper.  The planned race is the Turkey Burner and I am doing it more to see an old friend from Monty than to race for a fast time.  I predict a time in the high 21s with a goal of a sub-7 pace (21:45).

11/16- 6 miles on Lakeshore in 45:44 (7:37 pace).  I have felt about the same for the past few days.  My legs were fine.  Relatively loose and limber with decent power but still significantly over-stimulated and easily winded.  I'll take it but changes need to be made going forward.  The Sparga will be upped and so will the Thym-Adren.  As for the TMG (methyl), I had a slight negative reaction and became a bit more over-stimulated.  Not quite ready for it yet.  Tempo tomorrow in lieu of Johnny's workout.

11/17-  3 mile time trial at Gold's nearly all out.  Finished in 20:42 (6:54 pace).  Upped the Sparga and Thym-Adren and was somewhat less over-stimulated today but it was not a significant difference.  This equates to roughly a 21:30 for a full 5K.  Can I beat it on race day?  It will probably depend on my pacing.  Splits today were 6:44-7:00-6:58.  If I had gone out slower, say 6:52, I could have repeated the 6:52 then maybe come home in 6:46.  That would add up to a 20:30.  Restraining myself on race day may be difficult.  Added a half mile cool.

11/18- Gold's 5 in 39:17 (7:51 pace).  A little sluggish today but most likely no cause for alarm.  Never really pushed the pace and allowed a mild fade (19:25-19:52) so I did manage a sub-8 on the back half.  No collapse.  Added a cool.

11/19-  In taper mode now.  2 miles naked on Wisteria just before sunset.  Felt about the same as yesterday which was a little sluggish but not horrible.  Even with a rest tomorrow, I'll hit 30 if the weekend goes according to plan.
I had been taking Histidine sporadically for a few weeks because it was low on my UAA test and it is intended to "improve sulfur metabolism."  It's a non-factor at 1 pill/day but if I increase it to 2-3 as directed, I will feel a bit heavy and sluggish.  It feels like it increases the sulfur burden.  I pitched the bottle and should be better by tomorrow.  I do NOT count this as a collapse.

11/20- 1 mile comfortably hard at Gold's.  I was looking at about 7:04 before sprinting the last lap to finish in 6:56.  I felt that I could have kept the 7:04 pace another 2 miles, which would bring me home just under 22.  I'd be a little disappointed in that but I've got another day to clear the Histidine.
I will also explore other options.  Added a mile cool.

11/21- Turkey Burner 5K in 21:54 (7:03 pace) plus a warm and cool.

11/22- Easy 7 from the Trak Shak.  Ran it naked and did not care about the pace.  I'm sure it was well over 8 on a hilly route.  It's been confirmed that the cause of the mild sluggish feeling is indeed Yucca and it has yet to fully clear.  Still, as recently as 4 weeks ago, I never could have finished a 7 miler if the pills were out of whack.  I hit the quota for the week.

Weekly summary:
Did pretty much what I planned this week.  No real complaints.  3rd straight week with 30+ miles.

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