Monday, November 9, 2015

Training 11/9-11/15

11/9- Gold's 5 in 38:20 (7:40 pace).  Even pace and felt good most of the way.  Had a lot left at the end too.  It feels so good to have a stable dosage and not have to do all those better with or without tests.  I've said it a billion times but I'd rather be a little slow but stable than fast and unstable.  Now that it's a reality, I feel even more strongly about it.  Most of my workouts this year have been little more than a chore but I actually enjoyed this one.  Another change in my health is that I am sweating a lot more.  That's also characteristic of excess adrenal activity.

11/10- Johnny's workout.  8x400 at Vestavia in sets of 4 with a 2 min R.  Finished with an average of :84 or roughly 5:38 pace.   (86-84-83-84) (85-84-85-80).  I believe that I can break 6:00 in a Mile time trial and Johnny agrees.  Solid workout.  Calves are very sore.  Not used to getting on my toes and sprinting.

11/11- Trak Shak 8 in the daylight on Veteran's Day.  Finished in 66-flat (8:15 pace).  I'm fine with this one.  Pace was slow but this was a hilly route done the day after a hard speed session.  I don't think I've done this route all year and I've forgotten how nice and scenic it is.  Cool down tribute to Ochocinco.

11/12- Saulter-Trak Shak 5 route in 37:58 (7:35 pace).  Felt good.  Strong even pace.  No complaints.  Beautiful day with temps in the upper 60s.  Added a mile cool.

11/13- Planned rest day.  Felt good most of the day but overstimulated in the evening.  Long cold run tomorrow.

11/14- 13 mile BTC group run.  GPS died in Mile 11 so I'm unsure of the exact distance but it was around 13.  Pace was sub-8 up until the "hill that sucks" so I estimate about 8:05 on a pretty hilly route.  Given a flat course and a race setting, I believe I could go sub-1:45 for a half now.  5 minutes away from "respectability."  At a low-8 pace, I found a group that matched my pace.  If you get into the 7:40 range, you're too fast for the BTC but not good enough to stick with the sub-3.  Need only 4 tomorrow to hit 40 for the first time since January.

11/5- BTC recovery run.  5 miles from Highland Park to downtown and back.  I chose to run it naked (no watch).  Pace was probably similar to yesterday.  Legs were fine but felt quite a bit over-stimulated.  I may need to up the Thym-Adren and/or Sparga.  I did try TMG (methyl) yesterday and did tolerate it okay but am not sure if I can run on it.

Weekly summary:
If I kept track of grades and won/loss record, this would have been a winner.  21 days since my last collapse.  That's a very good sign.  It's too late to salvage 2015 but I am going to surprise a lot of people next year.  41 miles on the week is my highest total since January.

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