Monday, November 9, 2015

Remaining states

MOST definitely:

Alaska and Hawaii-
.  These are the only 2 U.S states that I have yet to visit and I will surely go regardless of my running status.  If I can’t run a half, I bet I can find a companion race at a shorter distance.

I spent a summer in Salisbury (near Ocean City) and would very much like to return to the area for a race as well as to drive the full Delmarva Peninsula.

The Detroit Free Press race course actually goes into Windsor, Ontario, Canada for a few miles.  I think that’s really cool.  I also have a couple of buddies that live in the area.

Connecticut and Rhode Island-
I rode through here when I was maybe 4 years old and part of me does not feel right about counting these 2 among the states that I have visited.  The best/worst part of it is that the races are on the same weekend so I’d have to be in very good shape to manage that.  Of course, I won’t “race” either of them but would have to at least finish respectably to enjoy it.

South Dakota-
I visited here when I was 7 years old and yes, I do vaguely remember it.  There is a downhill race at altitude in the Black Hills near Mt. Rushmore.  I’d have to go a bit off the beaten path but I’m sure that the scenery would be amazing.

The one to do here is RnR Seattle, which could be a nice getaway in early June.  I’ll leave 90 degree weather for temps in the 70s and yes, this is the dry season there.

There are several high altitude but almost all downhill races here.  It would be difficult to assess the exact value of my time but that becomes less important as I get older.  The scenery would be awesome.

New York:
It would have to be in Manhattan, nowhere else and yes, there are a couple half marathons there.  It would be really cool to race through Central Park and Times Square but I dare not drive and a hotel within a few blocks of the starting line would awfully pricey. 

Boston is the only one to do here.  It would take a miracle for me to qualify and I do not have any interest in running for charity.

If I am to do all of these, it would take me to up to 36 states.  Maybe I could be talked into a couple others.  I suppose that if I get up to 40 states, I’ve got to go all the way. There may be other opportunities to do 2 races in the same weekend in nearby states.  NJ&DE, VT&NH, MN&WI.  Yes, there is a chance that I will end up doing all 50.

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