Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ATP and Lithium

The plot has thickened in recent days.  Here's a brief rundown of my issues and treatments:

-I have runaway excessive adrenal activity and I am 95% sure that the Magnesium+ Thym-Adren will NEVER be enough.  I might give that treatment one more try just to confirm once and for all.   If I do take too much adrenal suppressants, I will have the fatigue and malaise during the day and through the evening but when I wake up the next day, I'll be right back to feeling over-stimulated.  Why?  Everything that I have read suggests that the culprit is toxic sulfates, which cause the fight or flight symptoms.

I have literally tried EVERYTHING to detox the sulfates but all of the treatments made me feel worse.  Although unconfirmed, I believe that the sulfate detox treatments have depleted ATP.  If you paid any attention in your Biology class, you know that ATP is responsible for cell energy production and certainly explains the malaise that has predominated.

Here's where I am deficient:
-ATP:  I believe that the drop in ATP is what caused the glutamate and Phospho-Serine to drop off the scale.

-Lithium is bio-unavailable (can't be used by the cells).  Deficient in cells, high in urine.

-B12 is also bio-unavailable.  Deficient in cells, high in blood.

Use of Lithium and B12 likely further depleted ATP.

What I am up against:
I've had no real trouble with Mag+Thym-Adren.  Though it's insufficient, it's certainly better than nothing.  Without it, my adrenals will spiral out of control and I will end up with Stage 3 Adrenal fatigue again.

-I need Lithium to transport B12 but cannot tolerate it because it depletes ATP and increases fatigue.

-I need B12 to detox the sulfates but without sufficient Lithium, it won't work.  It won't be transported into the cells and will be stuck in the blood.  Lithium will be depleted further and ATP may be depleted as well.  B12 is off limits until Lithium comes up BUT when it does work properly, the adrenal balance IN THEORY WILL BE MUCH BETTER.

-Use of ATP causes my system to demand Lithium but I am EXTREMELY sensitive to it.

Today, I took about 1/5 of a Lithium pill and 3 ATP pills worked about the best (2 pills were not enough but 4 were too many).

I can just about guarantee that 3 ATP pills will be too much in just a few days and I will require more Lithium.  BUT.  While 1/5 of a Lithium pill may not be enough, 2/5-1/2 could be too much.  It will be a VERY DELICATE BALANCING ACT until further notice.  Here's hoping that someday, I will find some type of long-term equilibrium.

THIS is a mess right now!

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