Sunday, December 13, 2015

Training 12/14-12/20

I've just learned a couple big things just today.  I am deficient in glutamate and phospho-serine but cannot tolerate either of them in supplement form.  BUT- BOTH ARE ATP DEPENDENT.  I am currently taking ATP with success and thus may not need to supplement with those 2 after all.  This COULD be the key.  If it's not, I will retire at the end of the year.

12/14- AM- Same pattern as yesterday only worse.  Finished with 2 miles in 15:34 (7:47 pace) with splits of 7:22-8:12 and I could feel the collapse coming midway through Mile 1.  Additional ATP made it worse.  That does it.  I'm going back to Lithium and B-12.

PM- 3 miles in 23-flat (7:40 pace) with relatively even splits (11:24-11:36).  Overall, this was better than the morning session.  Felt a lot better immediately after taking half a B12 and half a Lithium but tightened up by the afternoon.  Post workout: Extra B-12 did not seem to hurt but extra Lithium did.

12/15- HORRIBLE.  Only managed a half mile in 4:38 (9:16 pace) and was getting slower with every step.  The Lithium that I took last night hasn't cleared and I had a bad reaction to excess Thym-Adren.

12/16- Mile repeats at Gold's.  Better with or without test (ugh).  Without ATP and with just a trace of Lithium (1/5 of a pill), I could not run at all.
With ATP:
1 pill: 1 Mile in 7:23
2 pills: 1 Mile in 6:33 (MINUS 50)
3 pills: 1 Mile in 6:07 (MINUS 26)
I planned on cooling down after this and I did but a 4th pill made me feel MUCH WORSE.

12/17- 3 miles in 22:09 (7:23 pace) at Gold's.  Splits were 6:55-7:22-7:47.  Felt good early but it was a steady decline after about a half mile.  Took 3 ATP pills, which worked best for me yesterday and increased my Lithium from 1/5 of a cap to roughly 2/5.  Based on the way I felt, it was clear that I was SHORT on Lithium and perhaps too much ATP.

12/18- Took a full Lithium pill and was still hurting from too much ATP.  I was done after 2 miles at Gold's in 15:38 (7:49 pace) with splits of 7:40-7:58.  Would have struggled to break the Mendoza line if I had gone another mile.

12/19- Unplanned rest day.  Cut the ATP down to 2 and it was still too much.  Tried the Sparga and FOS one last time and I remain COMPLETELY intolerant.  This proves that the ATP deficiency was NOT related to the Sparga intolerance, which remains a mystery.

12/20- Cut the ATP down to 1 and I was better but it was still too much.  The moment of truth will come tomorrow morning.  How will I feel without the ATP?  Will I be able to tolerate the Lithium?  Today's workout was a 3 miler at Gold's in 21:51 (7:17 pace).  Decent splits (7:12-7:18-7:21) but I was going just about all out.

Weekly Distance= 14.0 (Pathetic)
Next week will tell the tale and I'm not that anxious about it.

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