Monday, December 7, 2015

Training 12/7-12/13

12/7- The herbal supplements for mal-absorption appear to be non-factors as I predicted.  That's further evidence that I do not have a mal-absorption issue after all.  I'll probably finish the bottles and be done with it.  I cut the Glutamine down to 150 and seemed to benefit from doing so.  I have ordered Glutamate as well just to see if it's more effective.  Either way, it should be only temporary.  So far, so good on the Phospho-Serine.  The ATP came today so I gave it a shot in a Gold's workout.

1 Mile in 6:57 without the ATP.  Felt a slight improvement but not a miracle cure from the ATP.  Tacked on 4 more miles in 27:58 (6:59 pace) for an overall time of 34:55 for 5 miles.  This doesn't count as a sub-35 because of the stop but I most definitely would have been sub-36.  Effort was tempo level with a hard push at the end to secure the sub-7 pace.
I have yet to try the TNF or molybdenum.

12/8- Unplanned rest day due to another collapse.  The culprit is clearly glutamine.  Not a big surprise given that I have a history of intolerance to that stuff.  It appears that it does indirectly increase the sulfur burden.  I can take only a very lose dose a maximum of 2 times a week. Will glutamate be any different?  Yasko recommended glutamine but it was glutamate that read low on the test.  I had to attend a meeting at work today and a coworker sitting next to me knew that I was hurting.  Here's a list of reactions to the latest round of experiments:
Herbs for malabsorption- Neutral
ATP- Positive
TNF- Positive
Glutamine- Negative
Phospho-Serine- Positive with reservations (previous trouble).  NOW NEGATIVE.
Molybdenum- NEGATIVE
By the end of the week, I may know quite a bit.

12/9- Expected to struggle after taking lots of glutamine last night and it has probably yet to clear.  Started off pretty well with a 3:41 first half mile then collapse and finished with a 4:14 for an overall time of 7:55 then quit.  Took glutamate after the workout and was MUCH WORSE.

12/10- Garbage run at Veteran's Park through the woods.  Glutamate has yet to clear.  I should be better tomorrow.  I will try molybdenum soon at a very low dose.

12/11-  All the questions have been answered now.  Run was at Vestavia on a warm evening.  Ran the first mile in a smooth 7:07 then popped a Phospho-Serine and COLLAPSED almost immediately.  Mile 2 was over 9:00.  Took low dose molybdenum when I got home and got WORSE.  ATP and TNF are good for me.  All the rest are BAD.

12/12- Phospho-Serine has yet to clear so I sucked as expected.  Garbage run at Veteran's Park but this time, I did the whole XC course.  No watch.  Estimated pace was around 9.  Should be better tomorrow.

PM- Wisteria 2 mile in 15:50 (7:55 pace).  Much better.  It's starting to clear out now.

12/13- 4 miles in 31:00 (7:45 pace) on the Trak Shak loop.  Looks okay on the surface but I collapsed and the culprit was the MTRR nucleotide so I dumped it.  Splits were 7:19-7:07-7:30-9:02.  Even in Mile 2, I knew the collapse was coming.  Good news is that I got a little better after taking just a trace of Lithium and B-12.  I've been on ATP for a week now so I may want to gradually re-introduce that stuff soon but for now, not every day.

PM- Tacked on a Mile on Wisteria to finish with a round number for the week.  Time was 7:33.

Distance on the week: 20 miles.

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