Sunday, December 6, 2015

More thoughts on Doctor Report

First, I'd like to re-visit the Mercury toxicity and the Cutler Counting Method as it relates to this lab, specifically the "zones" that I referred to last time.

White zone- VERY little deviation from the mean.  I don't know the exact percentiles but I'd guess that it's around the 40th-60th percentiles. 4 out of 5 samples are outside this range.

Green zone- 16th-40th percentile and 60th-84th percentile.  Slightly low or high but within 1 standard deviation of the mean and no cause for alarm. Nearly 1 in 3 are further out of balance.

Yellow zone-  2.5th-16th percentile and 84th-97.5th percentile.  Significantly out of balance but still within 2 standard deviations of the mean.  Lab values in this zone are clearly sub-optimal but would not be flagged in mainstream medicine.  Only 5 percent are more unbalanced than this.

Red zone- Bottom 2.5 percent and Top 2.5 percent.  Only 1 in 40 samples are on either side of this range.  This is a severe imbalance that almost certainly requires treatment.

This lab tests 22 minerals.  Cutler wants to see no more than 4 in the red zone.  I passed this test.  I only had 2 (Lithium and Cobalt).  However, Cutler's site specifically says that low Lithium is evidence of Mercury toxicity.

The 2nd test is how many are above or below the 50th percentile.  Cutler wants to see at least 5 out of the 22 above the mean but also at least 5 of the 22 below the mean.  I passed this test too.  I had 7 above and 15 below, which is cutting it a little close but I'm not worried.  First, I had at least 3 "lows" in the white zone.  Considering lab errors, they may have been on the plus side of 50 if tested again.  Second, 13 out of the 15 lows were either in the white or green zone.

The 3rd test is the green zone test.  Cutler wants to see at least 11 in the white or green zone.  I had 19 of 22.  In addition to Lithium and Cobalt, there was 1 obscure mineral called Zirconium that was in the yellow zone on the high side.  Passed this test with flying colors.

Despite the good report on this test, at the end of the day, I still have EXTREME high sulfates which cause the fight or flight adrenal symptoms.  NO AMOUNT OF MAG+THYM ADREN will be enough to balance it unless I can eliminate the sulfates.  Yet, I cannot tolerate any of the sulfate detox treatments.  Why?  I thought it was due to mal-absorption but now I'm beginning to think that the Sparga and FOS may have thrown something else out of balance.  My UAA test showed undetectable levels of Glutamate and Phospho-Serine.  Glutamate had actually been on the high side on my last test while PS was mildly low.  What caused those 2 to drop?  The only other thing that I did differently was probiotic use so it's certainly possible that Sparga was responsible for the drops.  If I can boost those 2, will I be able to tolerate the Sulfate detox again?

Yasko's plan and my ideas:
-I picked up a few herbs for malabsorption at the health foods store but I expect that they will be non-factors.  I also ordered a TNF nucleotide product that supposedly is good for sulfates and may not cause the other issues.
- I will also order low dose Molybdenum again.
-Yasko has recommended ATP caps for the low Lithium and Cobalt then GRADUALLY re-introduce them after a couple months.  I plan to be aggressive with this stuff.  If I can tolerate the B12 again, it will CERTAINLY help the sulfates.
-I did pick up some Phospho-Serine as well but I'll go slow on that.
-One of my probiotics contains 150 mg of glutamine.  Yasko wants me on this, NOT glutamate and supposedly, it will balance both.  Again, I'll go slow on this as well.

Today was Mile repeats at Vestavia with very generous rest periods.  It was a better with or without test (ugh).  I already know that taking FOS and/or Sparga would have been disastrous.
On Thym-Adren only- 6:58
After taking Phospho-Serine- 6:39 (MINUS 19)
After 300 mg Glutamine- 6:26 (MINUS 13)
Effort was comfortably hard each time with even splits.  I feel a lot more comfortable with the PS than the Glutamine.  I'll drop back to 150.  Adding the ATP and TNF could shake things up further.  I will wait another week before trying the Sparga OR FOS again.

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