Monday, December 21, 2015

Training 12/21-12/31

12/21- The moment of truth.  How would I do without ATP?  Would I be able to tolerate the full dose of Lithium.  Same 3 miler as yesterday and was shooting for 21:50 or better.  The answer was YES!
Finished today's run in 20:55 (6:58 pace), which is MINUS 56 due to stopping the ATP.  This is comparable to the Turkey Burner and a fair assessment of my current fitness.  I've got a long way to go and there is no guarantee that I will not need the ATP again down the road.

PM- Planned on doing 5@7:30ish and almost managed.  Called it quits after 4 miles in 29:36 (7:24 pace).  Felt GREAT early with the first 2 miles at 7:02-7:10 then tightened up BADLY early in Mile 3 and slipped to 7:27 and 7:57 to finish up.  Clearly need ATP after all.  Will the dosage be stable or will it continue to trend down.

12/22- Interesting day.  Felt much WORSE as evening progressed yesterday and after taking a Lithium pill upon rising, I was not able to run at all.  Popped 1 ATP and was somewhat better.  It took tempo effort to finish below the Mendoza line.  3 miles at Gold's in 23:55 (7:58 pace) with even splits.  I was exactly 1 minute/mile slower than yesterday morning.  What to make of it?  The good news is that Lithium should be tolerated if I take the proper amount of ATP.  Again, I need Lithium to transport B12, which is necessary to detox the sulfates.  Also, it's not a quick fix and is likely more stable than my past treatments.  If I took a 2nd ATP, sure I would have been better today.  If I take 2 tomorrow and the next day, it's probably a different story.  Let's hope that it will balance at 1/day.

12/23- Stuck with the 1 ATP and improved to 21:54 (7:18 pace) and MINUS 40/mile in just over 12 hours.  Again, I got off to a good start but felt my legs suddenly go dead just before the Mile marker.  Kept it semi-respectable the rest of the way.  Splits were 6:48-7:22-7:44.  If the formula is a winner, I should see continued steady improvement.  Maybe, MINUS 20 next time.  Going home now so chances to run will be uncertain for the next 3 days.

12/24- Peter's 3 in 21:21 (7:07 pace).  Hoping for the sub-21 and this time, I was on pace through 2 miles before fading badly down the stretch.  Splits were 6:53-7:01-7:27.  MINUS 11/mile and it is an improvement but I was hoping for better.  For the time being, I am sticking with the 1 ATP but may need to increase it to 2 if I plateau here.

12/25- Planned rest day

12/26- Unplanned rest day.  Reacting badly to Lithium now.  I'm going off BOTH Lithium and ATP just to see what happens but I predict that it will evolve into a situation in which I take ATP every day and Lithium 1-2 times/week.

12/27- Unplanned rest day.  Weather delays made for a tough trip home.

12/28- I did take a whole Food C which may have been ill-advised but early signs show a need for ATP.  Managed just 1 mile and faded early.  Finished in 8:21 and felt very depressed afterwards.

12/29- Felt AWFUL upon rising.  Took ATP this morning and made no other changes.  Even with a nasty sore throat and weakness from what appears to be just a head cold, I was a lot better than yesterday.  Finished the standard 3 in 23:48 (7:56 pace).  Splits were 7:46-8:04-7:58.

12/30- ANOTHER relapse.  I've beaten the head cold.  The sore throat diminished considerably today and has not been replaced by a stuffy nose.  Otherwise, I was so bad that I did not even attempt to run.  Thym-Adren is the culprit now.  Could ATP be detoxing the sulfates?  Some evidence says so but my urine sulfate level came in under 1600 only after it had been diluted with half water.  I would guess that my level is about 2500-3000 now, which is actually an improvement over last time.  Tomorrow, I will cut the Thym-Adren from 6 pills to 3 and if that fails, it's back to the ADHS.  I'm likely retiring tomorrow or on the 1st of the new year.

12/31- Cut the dose from 6 pills to 3 and feel no better.  I've become completely intolerant to Thym-Adren.  It's ADHS or bust now.  I will report tomorrow but shut it down thereafter.


arlofaye said...

Hi Justin, it has been awhile since my last comment here, but I have been following along with you on your journey to overcoming your health challenges and improving your performance as a runner. At the same time, I have been having my own health problems, and I have been on my own journey, which for several months has included almost daily listening to podcasts drawing from a half a dozen functionally oriented health care practitioners who do a good job of staying abreast of the latest academic and clinical research into health. Out of all of them, I have found one practitioner by the name of Dr. Jess Armine to be particularly helpful to me in terms of trying to get at the roots of my health problems. My intuition tells me he could be of great help to you too, and that you will not need to discontinue your running career after all. His web site is the first one that pops up when you Google "Dr. Jess Armine." Please look over his list of podcasts and give the ones having to do with what makes for healthy cells a good listen. I think you will find what he says to be of particular interest to you, as he gets into some detail how the cells work, including ATP. He is also available for personal consultations remotely, without having to visit him in person. Good luck to you. Your current challenges notwithstanding, I hope to be able to continue to read about your improved health and your continued running career well into the future.

Crazy J said...

Thanks a lot. I will look into it and report back when I do.