Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sudden intolerance to Lithium/ Increased need for B-12

After my system initially demanded mega doses of Lithium less than 2 weeks ago, I began trending down last week but as recently as Monday of this week, I still needed at least 1 of those pills.  Then by the afternoon, my system suddenly rejected it. I had extreme soreness and difficulty staying awake during work hours but the symptoms faded after I stopped it.  Is it because I have finally corrected the deficiency?  For the record, I tried a trace of potassium drops but could not tolerate it.  My ADHS contains a good balance of zinc and copper and the All in One also contains zinc with no copper.

That would be EXCELLENT news!  I need B-12 to detox the sulfates and I need Lithium to be up to snuff in order to transport the B-12 into the cells.  Otherwise, the B-12 will pool in the blood and further deplete Lithium.  Taking B-12 without Lithium is why my 2015 sucked so bad.  Until the Lithium is up to par, I will have to be very careful with the B-12 but if Lithium is normal, I SHOULD be able to tolerate mega doses of B-12.  The excess sulfates will be out of my system and my adrenals will finally calm down. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until the hair test results come in before I know for sure.

Early signs are encouraging.  Just 1 week ago, I tried extra B-12 (4 pills) with the Lithium and really struggled especially once the B-12 fully kicked in.  Yesterday, on my first full day off the Lithium, I tried to get by on just 2 B-12 pills and I was awful.  Then, I tried 3 extra B-12 pills for the afternoon session and after every pill, I was noticeably better.  Today, I took a LOT more than 5 pills of B-12 and yes I did struggle in the back half but overall, I was still significantly better than yesterday.  My urine smells strongly of sulfur and often felt a little better after my trips to the bathroom.  That sounds like detox to me.  I tried just a trace of Lithium this evening and my body quickly tightened up and my legs became abnormally sore so despite loading on B-12, I still can't take it.

What to do about the Lithium long-term?
My ADHS and All In One supplements both have a trace of Lithium.  Though it's not enough to correct a deficiency, it may very well be enough to maintain normal levels.

Any other options?
I'd like to try Thym-Adren again for a few days just to see what happens.  I know I can't take it with the Lithium and am unsure if it can be taken with B-12.  If I go off both and try the Thym-Adren again, I predict that I will top out around the Mendoza line (3 @8:00 pace) but since Thym-Adren was my MUST TAKE pill for so long, I need to confirm once and for all that it's no longer in the plan.

I've also ordered a fruit and vegetable supplement from a company called Texas Superfood.  It's supposedly the next best thing to fruits and veggies and my diet is a bit deficient in that area.  While it's unlikely to be a miracle cure, it SHOULD NOT hurt me in any way.  I've also ordered a stronger B-12 supplement.

For mitochondrial support, I will look into NADH and CoQ10.  The latter was tolerated in the past but was no miracle.  The former was not tolerated but things can change.  I am anxious to get back to real training now.  I might do Rumpshaker on 3/19 but my next serious race will probably be Alaska in June.  I'm going no matter what.

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