Monday, July 4, 2016

Training 7/4-7/10

7/4- Peachtree 10K in 54:09 (8:40ish pace).  My worst race ever is either this one or Pittsburgh last Fall.  Probably a toss up but given the conditions (sunny and 80 w/humidity), I'd say this one was slightly less bad.  I knew I was in trouble warming up but gave it my best shot anyway.  I could feel a MASSIVE fade coming by Mile 2 but was a still respectable 23:30 at 5K, which was about what I expected.  Faded to 30:39 over the last 5K.  Granted it was net uphill and it was hot but there's no way it should have been THAT bad.

Pills were clearly off.  I've considered the possibility that the usual pre-race steak needs to be changed because of its high sulfur content.  More likely, the ADHS needs to be reduced.  Strange that this formula worked 2 days earlier and in fact, I NEEDED the higher dose.  However, Dr. Campbell has told me that when you solve a major problem (methyl folate sensitivity in this case), adrenals can go haywire early but it's just a temporary reaction.  I expect my dosage will be back down to the 2-4 range soon.  The good news is that extra Methyl Mate did NOT seem to matter.  In fact, I was probably slightly better whereas in the past, I would have required another 1200 MF with every MM pill.  Just please don't trade MF sensitivity for ADHS sensitivity.

7/5- AM- 3 miles at Gold's in 21:42 (7:14 pace).  Reduced ADHS from 6 pills to 4 while keeping everything else constant.  Felt much looser and more relaxed from the start.  Figure this was the equivalent of a 22:30 5K, which was 1 minute faster than my split yesterday.  I had something left at the end as well.  Splits were 7:16-7:17-7:09.  That's still well off my 21:04 from last Friday so it needs to be cut further.  I won't be surprised if I end up below 3 ADHS but having to stop all adrenal support would make me feel very uneasy.

PM- Another 3 miler at the same place and under the same conditions.  Took an extra Methyl Mate just to see if anything would happen.  Finished the distance in 21:33 (7:11 pace). MINUS 3.  Splits were 7:11-7:16-7:06.   Felt slightly better and I don't think the morning session tired me out that much but a 3 second improvement in pace is not nearly enough to be considered significant.  Added a half mile cool to even out the mileage.

Thanks to the R-5-P, neither the MF nor the MM dose seems to matter though both must still be taken.  Out of all the pills that I have to take, the only one in which the dosage does matter is the ADHS (adrenal modulator).  I'm okay with being locked into a specific dose but the moving targets are not okay.  If I can just stabilize somewhere between 1-3 pills, I'll be fine with it.  Come to think of it, I wasn't horrible on 4 but if I go up to 6, it's another matter.

7/6- Well, the formula is set now.  The magic number on the ADHS is clearly 3 pills.  Did experimental Mile reps at Gold's today.
1 pill- 7:24
2 pills- 6:51 (MINUS 33)
3 pills- 6:28 (MINUS 23)
Did not try 4 but I was definitely sluggish on it yesterday.  The difference between 2 pills and 3 pills IS INDEED enough to be considered significant.  If I bumped it up to 4, I'm betting I would have been around 6:45 so while 3 is the sweet spot, I'm not horrible from 2-4.  Still, the fact that ONE pill makes a significant difference really does not sit well with me.  What can I do about it?  The only thing I can think of is to increase the methionine any way that I can (more MM).  That 9.7 reading vs the normal range (7-35) is still quite low.  I need to shoot for around 15.

7/7- Loaded on methyl including a double dose of Methyl Mate plus TMG.  Gold's 3 in 20:58 (6:59 pace).  Felt good and even dialed back the effort a bit.  Splits were nearly perfect at 6:58-6:58-7:02 and I had the sub-21 all the way.   The moment of truth would come when I popped 2 more ADHS, which upped my dosage from 3 pills to 5.  You know what happened at Peachtree because I took too many of those but today I DID NOT COLLAPSE.  In fact, I actually got better.  Ripped off a 6:22 Mile after about a 5 minute rest.  The TMG has apparently solved the ADHS sensitivity.  YES YES YES!!!  It's ON NOW!  Time to re-start serious training.

7/8- Planned rest day.  I want to be fresh for the long run.  I may even try to run with the snob group.
PM- I took 6 ADHS this morning and was awful.  TMG didn't help much but extra Methyl Mate did.  I could have done an easy workout but chose not to.  I'm not sure that 3 ADHS will be enough.  Perhaps divided doses are the answer.

7/9- Another failed long run with the BTC.  Quit after just 1 Mile in 9:42.  After 1 day of feeling great on TMG, it has failed me again.  Odds are that I'll just have to live with ADHS sensitivity for now though strangely, Betaine HCL does not seem to hurt me.
Just 2 questions remain.  Can divided doses of ADHS work for me?  Could Betaine HCL reduce the sensitivity?  I could take extra Methyl Mate but I'd go broke if I took mega doses of that stuff.  Just taking 1 of those pills per day costs me $40/month.  I am pitching the TMG.  I thought it might work now that I'm taking MF but apparently not so.
Why take more than 3 ADHS?  I just don't think 3 is enough to slow down my runaway adrenal function.

PM- Went to Gold's to try out Betaine Hcl.  1 Mile in 8:48 without it followed by a 7:55 with it (MINUS 53).  Another one of those What the _____? moments.  TMG is also known as Betaine Anhydrous and it's poison to me BUT Betaine Hcl appears to be beneficial!  Again, what the _____?

Run #3 was at Vestavia.  4 laps on the track.  Did the first 2 in 3:45 then popped 3 more ADHS and repeated the 3:45 within a couple tenths of a second with the same effort.  This is good news.    If I am properly methylated, 6 ADHS will be tolerated if taken in divided doses.  Tomorrow, I'll find out if divided doses are even necessary.  All questions will be answered tomorrow.

7/10- I learned yesterday that the dose of 6 ADHS is tolerated if the methylation cycle is working.  Does it matter if taken all at once or in divided doses?  It appears that the answer is NO.  6 miles at Gold's in a time of 44:45 (7:28 pace).  Faded a bit on the back half (22:15/22:30) but had the sub-7:30 all the way.  This was my standard issue workout when healthy.  While I won't go as far as to say it was easy today, I had some left in the tank and have no doubt I could have gone 13 @ sub-8.  YES!

Weekly summary:
30 miles despite the failed long run.  Things are definitely looking up.

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