Sunday, July 10, 2016

Training 7/11-7/17

First week in a long time that I am expecting to go well.
7/11- Gold's 5K in 20:48 (6:42 pace).  THAT BREAKS THE POINT OF CONFIDENCE BARRIER!  THE TREATMENT IS WORKING!  Splits were 6:36-6:44-6:48-40.  1st half: 10:20, 2nd half: 10:28. A 16 second improvement over last time. This is just the beginning.  With consistent training, it won't be long until I see a 19:xx again.  Long cool

7/12-AM- 2 miles naked on Wisteria.  Felt decent.  I want to be fresh for my encounter with the fast group tomorrow.

7/13- AM.  6 miles on Lakeshore with the group.  Finished in 47:04 (7:51 pace).  Not a bad showing but I was hoping for a little better.  Got dropped by the leaders after Mile 3 but did manage to hang on with the back group with effort.  I can tolerate deviations from the formula but I'll feel it if I let it go too far.  That's okay. It was humid out there.  Dewpoint was probably over 70.  I may or may not be done for the day.

PM- Easy 3 on Wisteria in 23:54 (7:58 pace).  It was run in fairly pleasant conditions but I had to work harder than I would have liked out there.  Too many pills probably hurt but I got through it.

7/14- Gold's 5 in 39:28 (7:54 pace).  An 8 minute pace felt pretty comfortable but I had to work to go much faster.  Not bad and it will do for an easy day but I still didn't feel right.  I cut back on the methyl but kept the ADHS high.  The way it is now is the way it should be.  If my formula is off for one day, I'll barely notice but if stays off long-term, I've got trouble.  That's true for everyone.

7/15- 3 miles in 22-flat (7:20 pace).  This one felt smooth and relaxed with an even pace (10:58-11:02).  Cutting the ADHS dose was clearly the difference.  I believe I could have threatened my post-35 PR if I had pushed it out there.  Added a long cool.  I'm running with the fast group tomorrow.  I expect to get dropped but if I can hold on for 5+ miles, I'll feel good about it.

7/16- FAILURE!  4 miles in 38:28 (9:37 pace).  Got dropped in Mile 2 and had nothing left after that.  I am DISGUSTED as I should be.  I cannot take any more false hopes.  Got home and experimented.  Extra methyl had no effect.  An extra ADHS made it significantly worse.  A trace of Lithium as a stand alone made it "worser."  This leaves me no choice other than to quit the ADHS and hope it's only a temporary measure until the Lithium goes back down.

7/17- Tried to go without ADHS and knew before starting that it would not work.  Popped 2 pills and got no better, maybe worse.  2 mile junk run on Wisteria just to get a round number on the week

PM- Tacked on 2 more miles in 19:46 (9:53 pace).  ADHS is NOT the problem after all.  Caffeine is.  I really thought that would no longer be a problem when the methyl folate sensitivity was resolved.  Apparently not.  If there are anyone still out there that think my fatigue will be resolved with caffeine, this is the last time I will say it.  IT DOESN'T WORK YOU IDIOT!  Heavy use for even just a few days will leave me like this.  I should be better tomorrow even with ADHS.

-32 miles on the week.

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