Monday, July 11, 2016

The formula is SET

Let's first revisit today's workout (6 miles @7:28 pace).  It's not overly impressive on the surface and there have been days this year that I was capable of beating that pace. The difference is today, I had plenty left in the tank at the end and it wasn't much harder than a standard issue workout.  More importantly, IT WOULD NOT HAVE MATTERED IF I ALTERED MY FORMULA!!!!

- 1 B12 pill or multiple- DOESN'T MATTER
-Low or higher dose molybdenum- DOESN'T MATTER
-Cal/Mag dosage and ratio- DOESN'T MATTER
-Methyl Folate dose and ratio w/ Methyl Mate- DOESN'T MATTER
  If you are a long time reader of this blog, you know that I was once ultra sensitive to all 5 of these treatments such that a single missed or extra dose left me significantly off form.  How did I do it?

For a long time, I hoped against hope that Cal/Mag + adrenal support would be enough to balance my chemistry but by the winter of 2015, it had become painfully obvious that it was not going to happen. There were periods in which I could not tolerate the very pills that I knew were necessary to get my system in line.  I had to try to fix the defective enzymes with genetic based treatment.  I made several mistakes along the way including taking B-12 before I was able to tolerate it and I tried just about every sulfur detox product available without success.  Here is the right protocol:

Step One:
-Start with Yasko's All In One, which is a multivitamin which provides VERY gentle methylation support.  In my case, it was enough to relieve the Cal/Mag and Zinc/Copper sensitivity.  Also, it should be safe to take probiotics at this time to balance intestinal flora.  Though unconfirmed, I have a strong feeling that probiotics are key in reducing a neurotoxin called beta-alanine, which has tested sky high on my reports.  I've found a direct correlation between beta-alanine and taurine (sulfur).

Step Two:
Support the mitochondria with ATP.  It is true that Magnesium malate does generate ATP but in my case, it was not enough.  I needed Yasko's ATP caps.  Without sufficient ATP, Lithium will be wasted in your urine rather than reach your cells.  Lithium Orotate, which is different from Lithium Carbonate given to bipolar patients, is required to transport B-12 or else the B-12 will pool up in the blood and leave you worse off than before.

Step Three:
Start on Lithium Orotate.  Initially, I took Lithium and ATP together but eventually developed a complete intolerance to ATP so I stopped taking it.  After 2-3 months, get a hair test done through Yasko and if Lithium is up to the "green zone," it is safe to add B-12.

Step Four:
Start on B-12.  In my case because of the COMT mutation, I require either hydroxy B-12 or adenosyl B-12, NOT methyl or cyano.  Though I was improving, I was still ultra sensitive to the point that I needed an exact ratio of B-12/Lithium and molybdenum to feel decent.  Any deviation from the precise ratio spelled disaster.  If I attempted a group run, I usually had to drop out within 3 miles.

Step Five:
Add Yasko's Methyl Mate.  This is stronger methylation support and eliminated the sensitivity to B-12 and molybdenum while allowing me to take ATP again if I felt it was necessary.  Many other pills that I was previous intolerant to became an option.  The only problem was that after a few days of glory, I became sensitive to Methyl Mate and without it, sensitivity to the other stuff came back with a vengeance.

Step Six:
Add Methyl folate (NOT folic acid).  This allowed me to tolerate Methyl Mate and thus also kept the sensitivity to the other stuff from flaring up.  The only problem was I required a precise ratio of Methyl Folate/Methyl Mate, which turned out to be 1200 mcg of Methyl Folate per Methyl Mate pill.  Any deviation from that ratio could not be tolerated.  I did develop an intolerance to Lithium at this time but that was because it tested sky high.

Step Seven:
Add Ribo-5-Phosphate (active B-2, NOT plain Riboflavin).  This potentiates B-12 and recycles Methyl Folate.  I found that the sensitivity to both Methyl Mate and Methyl Folate was GONE after starting on this stuff.  It also supports mitochondrial function so I'm going with it over ATP.

Step Eight:
Add Active B-6 (P-5-P).  This ticked up the need for ADHS but the plus side of that is that I cannot overdose on that.  Before starting on the B-6, 3 pills worked best and was noticeably weaker on 4.  Now, I need 6 but won't be hurting if I accidentally take more.

The final formula:
-Ultimate Flora Probiotics
-Methyl Folate
-Methyl Mate
-Hydroxy B-12+ molybdenum
-Active B-6.


Jill said...

how much HCL do you do daily/per meal?

Crazy J said...

Thanks for the comment. I take Betaine Hcl from Kal brand. According to the label, I am getting 250 mg. Betaine from 328 mg Betaine Hcl. I take 2/day.

Yo Momma Runs said...

Wow, Justin, your ability to navigate all of this is impressive! And if you have any interest at all in milk kefir for additional probiotics, we make our own at home and have starter grains to share. Let me know.

Crazy J said...

Thanks Lisa. All that experimentation and trial & error is about to pay off. Soon it will be clear that I knew what I was doing all along.