Monday, July 25, 2016

Training 7/25-7/31

7/25- First day off ATP and B-12 as a stand alone.  Result was a carbon copy of Saturday's workout.  4 miles at Gold's in a time of 30:16 (7:34 pace).  1st half: 14:50, 2nd half: 15:26.  Don't even think I had another mile in me at sub-8 so I shut it down.  Mixed feelings about this one.  I did a little better than I expected before I started but was NOT pleased that I faded so badly after such a good start.  Some potential good news after I got home.  I tried 1 Thym-Adren pill and got a POSITIVE reaction.  When on stand alone B-12, I could not take it at all.  Hopeful for improvement tomorrow.

7/26-AM- More encouraging news.  Thym-Adren appears to be working.  Did a mile junk run on Wisteria and was TOTAL CRAP without it but felt somewhat better after 1 pill at the half and significantly better after a 2nd at 3/4.  Did not time anything.  I'll be back this evening.

PM- 3 miles at Gold's in 21:20 (7:07 pace).  Improvement but a bit of a downer.  Went out at 6:50 pace then finished with a pair of 7:15s.  Thym-Adren was VERY necessary.  I NEEDED 6 pills and if I had only taken 3-4, it would have been a Mendoza line effort.  Good news is that an extra pill seemed to help so that means I need mega doses again but as of now, it's not x # of pills neither more nor less.  Added a half mile cool.

7/27- COLLAPSE.  1 mile in 9:55.  It was my fault this time.  I've been skimping on the Methyl folate, which caused the uptick in my need for adrenal suppressants.  When I took the full dose today, Thym-Adren was too strong.  Going back to ADHS,  I can get away with a lowered MF dose for a few days but long-term, I need at least 1000 mcg.  Go off the MF and rely on Thym-Adren?  I think I've already proven that no matter how much I take, it will never be enough.  Remain intolerant to B-12 and the ratio of MF to MM remains a non-issue, which is good.

7/28- AM- Mile on Wisteria this time and my time was down to 8:45 (MINUS 70).  Went back to ADHS and found that yes, I still need molybdenum,  Down side in 4:35 without it, up side in 4:10 with it.  I predict a Mendoza level performance this afternoon and a swift negative reaction to Thym-Adren this evening.

PM- Curiosity got the best of me as I took Thym-Adren this morning.  I got a swift negative response but felt some clearance in the afternoon.  It was not enough for a decent showing however.  Did 2 loops around the lake at Veteran's Park and covered 1.5 miles in 12:27 (8:18 pace).  MINUS 27.

Less than 1000 mcg of Methyl folate means I need Thym Adren.  If I take more, it's ADHS.  Without sufficient MF, NO AMOUNT OF THYM-ADREN WILL BE ENOUGH!  Thym-Adren worked back in the day but not so now.  Why?  The MTHFR mutation gets worse as you age.  I've got to go with the ADHS+ MF.

7/29- Wanted to test myself in a 5K but had to cut it short to 2 miles due to time constraints.  Pretty solid effort though.  Finished in 13:18 (6:39 pace) with splits of 6:36-6:42.  If I had done the full distance, figure add about 8 minutes so it would not have been a post-35 PR but it is within the margin of error.  I'd like to try to run with the fast group tomorrow but the BTC gives me the best chance of finishing a double digit run.  Mileage has been much too low lately.  I've GOT to go with this formula, avoid the collapses and let the improved fitness bring down my times.

Began feeling very over-stimulated and depressed after lunch today but more ADHS seemed to help.  That means it was likely holding me back this morning.  We'll see how I feel upon rising tomorrow.
As for the Formula is SET post, it remains the same with the exception of cutting out B-12 as a stand alone and the need for at least 1000 mcg of Methyl folate.

7/30- YET ANOTHER FAILURE on the group run.  On a day like today, it doesn't matter which group I run with.  I will embarrass myself either way.  Today, I made a quiet turnaround just after 1.5 miles and trotted back home.  Totaled 3 miles in 27:33 (9:11 pace) with Mile 3 close to 11 minutes.
The culprit was molybdenum, which is not a huge surprise.  It had to be taken together with B-12.  Since I've been forced off B-12, this is not a surprise.  It worked yesterday morning but not now, which is par for the course for me.

PM- Another 3 miler this time at Gold's.  A mere 6 hours after the debacle this morning, I was CONSIDERABLY better just because I've got some clearance.  Finished this time in 25:17 (8:26 pace).  MINUS 45.  Fastest mile was #3 at 8:09.  Will try for the long run tomorrow.

7/31- Lakeshore run in humid conditions.  Figure that should begin to decline in about 2-3 weeks.  Totaled 6 miles but it was a weak effort.  Treated the 1st mile as a warm up then ran the next 3 in 24:13 (8:04 pace)  MINUS 22.  Power cut off late in Mile 4 and Mile 5 slipped to 8:53.  Cut off the watch after 5 miles in 42:04 (8:25 pace) then treated the last mile as a cool down.  Overall, this was a modest improvement over yesterday but I was hoping for a LOT better.  Got home and experimented.  Learned that the ADHS needs to be reduced.  JUST 2 DAYS AGO, I NEEDED MORE!!!  WHAT THE _______?   MAD AS HELL!

26 miles on the week

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