Monday, July 18, 2016

Training 7/18-7/24

7/18 AM- Nearly 24 hours caffeine free.  Improved my 2 mile from 19:46 down to 17:56 (8:58 pace).  MINUS 55.  I'll take it.  Day 1 is usually not too bad.  I usually get a headache on Day 2 and if that happens, I'll get some Green Tea, which has minimal caffeine.  I can tolerate up to 50 mg. per day.  An occasional Coke won't hurt me but NO energy drinks period!

PM- 4 miles in 35:08 (8:47 pace).  MINUS 11 over twice the distance so I suppose that is a significant improvement over the morning session but I was expecting to do better.  I was drowsy this morning but did get better as the day progressed.  If I am not below the Mendoza line tomorrow, I'm afraid the pills are to blame after all.

7/19- AM- BAD BAD reaction to B-12 last night.  It appears THAT stuff is the culprit.  Caffeine is only indirectly responsible. The Lithium in ADHS transported B-12 to the cells.  Unsure of what to do next.  Do I need to cut the B-12 entirely or reduce it to 1 pill/day?  Will ATP help regulate Lithium and thus B-12 transport?  I'll probably end up writing this week off as a loss.  I may hit the coast to clear my head.  I do have a bit of a lull at work this week.

PM- Same old tired 4 miler at Gold's.  Improved to 33:56 (8:29 pace).  MINUS 18.  Slow but steady progress this week.  I'm screwed if I become completely intolerant to B-12 but that seems unlikely.  I just need to reduce the dose.  I can get away with taking more for a while but not long-term.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.  I may or may not attempt the group run but I am leaving for an impromptu trip to the coast.  Hit 75K page views all time.  Thanks to my readers.

7/20- AM- 1 mile at Gold's in a time WELL over 10 minutes.  B-12 as a stand alone MUST GO.  Fortunately, it appears that if taken as part of a combo in Methyl Mate, it's still tolerated.  I am leaving now (7 AM) for the coast.  Not sure how long I'll stay.  I might come home on Friday evening or could stay as long as Sunday.

PM- Junk run by the bay in Apalachicola.  Time was down to 7:27 thanks to clearance.

7/21- Experimental junk mile also in Apalachicola just as it was getting nasty hot outside. First half mile was a crappy 4:02 (8:04 pace) then popped a Methyl Mate and improved to 3:35 (7:10 pace) on the back half and did it without molybdenum, which seemed to make things somewhat better.

Completely intolerant to B-12 as a stand alone supp but Methyl mate, which contains the equivalent of 1.5 pills as part of a formula is not only tolerated but necessary.  What the ______?

7/22- Full beach day and drive home that evening.  I would have liked to have stayed another day but 2 full days to decompress would be better.  Planned rest day.

7/23- 4 miles at Gold's.  Needed to sleep in after yesterday.  Took ATP today and it appears to be a non-factor.  Finished with an overall time of 30:24 (7:36 pace) which is respectable but I was strugg-a-ling at the end.  Came through 2 miles in 14:52 on 3 ADHS then popped 3 more and would have been CRAP without extra methylation (Betaine).  With it, I held the pace in the 7:30s for another mile but had to work to hold the sub-8 in Mile 4.

The intolerance to B-12 as a stand alone has complicated things.  It seems highly unlikely that ATP will allow me to tolerate either B-12 or Lithium as a stand alone but I'll give it a try after 2 more days.  ADHS contains Lithium, which is involved in B-12 transport as is caffeine.  It is also possible that without B-12, I will do better on Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressant) than ADHS (modulator).

7/24- ATP failed.  That means I am not even going to try to take B-12 again as a stand alone until further notice.  The only remaining question is whether to take ADHS or Thym-Adren for the adrenals.  2 miles in 19:54 with the pace slowing to the 11 minute range when I was done.  Took another ATP pill and got much worse so that answers it.  Good call coming home from the coast on Friday.  I can start out next week fresh.

PM- Tacked on a naked junk mile on Wisteria.  Estimate the pace to be in the 12 minute range but I did get a round number on the week.  R-5-P potentiates B-12 so that may explain why it's come up so quickly.  Fortunately, it does appear to be tolerated on its own.

Weekly summary:
Just write this week of as a loss.  Finished with a measly 20 miles.

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