Saturday, April 1, 2017

Potential Repeat States/International

I've booked the flight and most of the hotel reservations for the epic road trip so it's a GO!  Assuming I can finish both, it will take me up to 31 states.  I've got another idea for New England trip in which I race 4 states in 8 days on back to back weekends during peak foliage season.  During the week, I'd tour Quebec and Ottawa, Canada before heading south to Boston and Cape Cod.  That will be next year.  I can't afford to take 2 epic trips in 1 years and take off that much work with a new boss.  For the Fall race, I'm leaning towards New Mexico to support a couple of BTC members going for all 50 states in the full marathon.

If all goes according to plan, I'll enter 2018 with 18 states to go and that can be done in 12-13 trips with the opportunities to double.  Figure 5 more years and I'll be done.  What to do after that?

I definitely want to go International.  As for Canada, I'll have 7 of 10 provinces visited after the epic road trip and I may just go for all 10.  I will NOT race in all 10.  Manitoba is reachable from Minnesota and Saskatchewan is less than a day away from South Dakota.  Newfoundland could be nice on the way to Europe to gradually adjust to the time change.  I have Facebook friends in Germany, Hong Kong and Brazil and all 3 of them are runners.  I bet I could convince a couple of Christian friends to visit Israel with me even if they don't race.  Also on my bucket list are Cape Town, South Africa and the United Kingdom but I would not feel comfortable going alone to either location.  Hopefully, I will be married by then but unless I am stable chemically, I don't see that happening.

I may have to repeat this answer when I actually finish the 50 states but here's what I've got so far.

Florida: Repeating Seaside 20 years after my debut could be cool.  Also, Miami has been on the radar off and on for several years.

Alabama and Mississippi- Aside from racing Mercedes again, Mobile and Tupelo are 2 of my favorite cities.  I've done a 10K in both locations but never a half.

Georgia and South Carolina- Charleston and Savannah are another 2 of my favorites and I've not raced either at any distance.  I chose Greenville and Atlanta instead.

Washington DC- Not a state but I figure I've got to do it once I hit all 50.  I'd probably choose the Rock n Roll event.  I hear the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler is hard to get into.

Tennessee- I've already done Chattanooga, Nashville and Memphis.  The latter remains one of my all time favorites and could be repeated someday.

Kentucky- I wanted to do the Louisville Kentucky Derby race but went with Lexington because of a family commitment.  Louisville remains an option.

New York- I intend to go back to NYC someday but would probably choose the Brooklyn half instead.  It starts in Prospect Park and finishes on the boardwalk of Coney Island.  It's a Spring race so there's no risk of snow.  Hotels are a bit less expensive and there are a few things that I missed in Manhattan that would be worth seeing such as the Rock in the daylight with views of Central Park in full bloom and a Yankee game in the Bronx.

Pennsylvania- This is a definite and Pittsburgh is my choice.  PA is so far the only state in which I failed to break 2 hours.  That needs to change.

Illinois- I did Chicago back in 2008 but really couldn't do it justice.  The weather was rainy every day and I missed out on Rush Avenue and the Sears Tower.  A Cubs game is something I'd like to do but I'm sure tickets are VERY HARD to get.  I do have a friend who lives just an hour north of here.

Texas- 3M Austin was GREAT but I didn't consider it an authentic Texas experience because the culture is so much different from the rest of the state.  I'd consider Dallas White Rock or CowTown Ft. Worth.

Oregon- Maybe I'll do Eugene again to come full circle after my first marathon.

California- San Diego is definitely on my bucket list as is a day trip to Mexico.  In August, it should be warm enough to swim in the Pacific.  I could also take a day trip back to LA.  I saw Beverly Hills, Malibu and Simi Valley but not much of downtown LA.

Alaska- I'd like to go here again during the summer solstice as I did before.  The race wasn't all that special so I'd either run something else or not at all.  I'd like to see the Arctic Circle, Denali State Park and areas south of Anchorage.

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