Sunday, January 10, 2010

NFL playoffs 2

1-3 on my predictions this week and I nearly was 0-4 (I did stick with Arizona at the last minute). I saw at least a portion of every game and saw some surprises. New England didn't show up at all and their run of success may be over. Cincy didn't look like a playoff team and I expect them to fall off in 2010. Dallas looked impressive and I feel that they have the best chance among the teams that played this weekend to make it to the Super Bowl.
Divisional Round: Again, don't put too much stock in these picks.
Balt at Indy- I'm rooting for Baltimore because of the way Indy finished the regular season but I feel the Colts are a superior team. Baltimore lost a lot of close games to playoff teams so expect this one to be competitive. Baltimore was 1-6 against playoff teams during the regular season. One upset wasn't a big surprise. Two upsets is asking too much for a 9-7 team.
New York at San Diego- I picked San Diego to win it all and I'm not changing it. I'll give NYJ credit for the way they've played in recent weeks but of the final 8, I still say that they are the least talented and least likely to win.
Dallas at Minnesota- Give me some time on this one. Dallas has been hot while MIN lost 3 straight before getting back on track in the last regular season game but it's hard to bet against Favre in the playoffs. I'm going with MIN now but I reserve the right to change it during the week. If Dallas can win this, I like their chances of making it.
Arizona at New Orleans- I'm rooting for Warner but if they couldn't stop GB's passing attack, it's hard to imagine them stopping Drew Brees. It's hard to bet against Warner in the playoffs too but I don't see him or anyone else duplicating what he just did. I'm going with the Saints.
The AFC is pretty well set between Indy and San Diego but in the NFC, every team has a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl. If Arizona or Dallas can pull off the upset, both will be tough to beat in the NFC championship game.

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